Microsoft to Acquire Miburo to Boost Threat Intelligence Research into New Foreign Cyber Threats

Microsoft announced that they have entered into an agreement to acquire Miburo, a cyber threat analysis and research company specializing in the detection of and response to foreign information operations.

Microsoft detects and helps customers defend against cyber threats from nation-states as part of our commitment to keep customers safe online. These efforts are underpinned by the threat intelligence they gather, publish, and use to fuel disruptions of malicious nation-state activity across a range of cyber-attack vectors.

Miburo, led by founder Clint Watts, will become part of the Customer Security and Trust organization. Working in close collaboration with the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, their Threat Context Analysis team, their data scientists and others, the new analysts from Miburo will enable Microsoft to expand its threat detection and analysis capabilities to address new cyber-attacks and shed light on the ways in which foreign actors use information operations in conjunction with other cyber-attacks to achieve their objectives. Miburo has become a leading expert in identification of foreign information operations. Miburo’s research teams detect and attribute malign and extremist influence campaigns across 16 languages.

With the acquisition of Miburo, Microsoft will continue its mission to take action, and to partner with others in the public and private sectors to find long-term solutions that will stop foreign adversaries from threatening public and private sector customers and, in fact, the very foundations of our democracy.