Dell Tech World 2024: On the Way to the Artificial Intelligence Era

From Las Vegas, the company presented its latest innovations in PCs, software and storage, highlighting the implementation of Artificial Intelligence to optimize the performance of customers and streamline their processes. "We are releasing technology that will unleash scientific and technological development to transform how we live and work," said Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies.

Dell Technologies World, the company’s event bringing together thought leaders to share the latest technology trends, kicked off in Las Vegas on May 20th. At the opening, Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Technologies, offered his vision for the future of artificial intelligence, and said we are entering a new era of cognition that will radically transform every aspect of life and work.

“To use AI, we must do so in a responsible way and address barriers to adoption in a holistic way. The real question is not how big the AI can be, but how much the AI will do.”

-Michael Dell

The launches presented at this Dell Technologies World seek to simplify the AI deployment process and accelerate the time to value for customers. ” We’re moving from computing to cognition, into the AI era. We’re releasing technology that will unleash scientific and technological development to transform how we live and work,” said the CEO of Dell Technologies.

Dell AI Factory

The brand announced the launch of AI Factory, its Artificial Intelligence portfolio to help the open partner ecosystem create AI applications that meet specific needs, either through a traditional purchase or as a subscription to Dell APEX.

“Just like a physical factory, we’ve developed an AI factory, but instead of physical goods, we’ll develop intelligence by keeping the data as close as possible to this technology.”

-Sam Grocott, Senior Vice President Product Marketing

The Dell AI Factory portfolio encompasses end-user devices, servers, storage, data protection and networks. ” AI is transforming businesses at an unprecedented pace. New IT infrastructures and devices specially designed to meet the specific demands of AI are needed. Dell AI Factory helps customers accelerate AI adoption with the world’s most comprehensive AI portfolio and leading AI ecosystem partners, providing scaled approaches and greater control over on-premises AI implementations, in edge and cloud environments,” said Jeff Clarke, vice president and chief operating officer, Dell Technologies.

On the other hand, collaborations between Dell and key ecosystem partners deliver precisely integrated solutions and make it easy for customers to get started with AI.

  • Dell Technologies is the first infrastructure provider to partner with Hugging Face to deliver an optimized local deployment of generative AI models. Dell Enterprise Hub on Hugging Face enables organizations to easily and securely train and deploy open and customized large language models (LLM) on-premises on Dell infrastructure. This experience accelerates the time to value for customers who build their own AI applications for use cases like chatbots and customer support, and is accessible directly from Hugging Face’s leading open platform for AI creators.
  • Dell Technologies continues its collaboration with Meta to simplify on-premises deployment of Meta Llama 3 models with Dell infrastructure, providing test results, performance data and deployment recipes.
  • Dell’s Microsoft Azure AI solution accelerates the deployment of AI services, such as voice transcription and translation capabilities, based on the Dell APEX cloud platform for Microsoft Azure.

“We have an open ecosystem. We work with our partners to make it easier for customers to integrate the latest AI innovations”

-Varun Chhabra, Senior Vice President Infrastructure Systems Group Marketing

PC with AI CoPilot 

Looking to expand its portfolio of PCs and workstations with AI, the company announced the Copilot+ PCs, equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X platform.

The Latitude 5455 laptops, soon available in Latin America, offer a range of business and day-to-day options that deliver better speed and AI performance to elevate computing and simplify tasks.

With AI processing in the device through the custom built Qualcomm Oryon CPU, GPU and Neural Processing Unit (NPU), the new Dell AI PCs offer:

  • Longer battery life, so the user can search, create and communicate without worries.
  • 45 billion Performance Operations per Second (TOPS) in NPU, to perform AI tasks more efficiently.
  • Instant results when searching for content with Copilot on the device. This means that the user does not have to worry about an Internet or cloud connection, making tasks more efficient, accessible and secure, wherever they are.

“With Snapdragon X, Dell has created products that can be kept ready for AI use cases that will simplify user workflows. Together, we are delivering powerful, intelligent Copilot+ capabilities, and empowering customers,” said Kedar Kondap, senior vice president and general manager of computing and gaming, product management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “These attributes add up to powerful performance, a long battery life and a generative AI on the device. We are proud to drive these products forward and enable Copilot+ for Dell users.”

The new Latitude 5455 AI laptops with Copilot+ feature 10-core Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus processors, with innovative performance and long battery life for professionals to run efficiently all day without the need to recharge, Staying productive no matter where. They also deliver performance in an AI-powered enterprise laptop option with a 16:10 Full HD+ display and two speakers. The multiple layers of hardware and firmware security features also protect these models, ranging from strict supply chain and manufacturing process controls to deep BIOS-level defenses.

“AI transformation capabilities increase productivity and efficiency. Today we are looking to offer the most complete AI PCs, expanding the portfolio with the Latitude, Inspiron and XPS series. This will help professionals to focus their time on critical tasks.”

-Kevin Terwilliger, Vice President Commercial Notebooks.

The new unique AI experiences powered by the Snapdragon X Series platform, allow users to gain time and focus on the tasks that matter most.

  • Recall remembers everything the user has done on their device and stores it securely on their PC, off the cloud, making it quick and easy to continue where you left off. The function allows to perform direct searches of the files and applications on which the user was working weeks ago using a natural and descriptive language.
  • With Cocreator, the user can create AI-generated images using a combination of descriptive words, and include a personal touch. It is possible to adjust the image in real time to make it exactly as you want for uses like in a PPT presentation.
  • New Windows Studio effects adjust lighting and offer new creative filters to improve call collaboration.
  • Auto Super Resolution uses AI to enhance video and games in real time for smooth streaming and gameplay.

Dell Power Store

About storage solutions, Dell Technologies introduced PowerStore to improve enterprise data performance and mobility.

  • QLC-based storage: Offers business-class performance at a lower cost per terabyte compared to triple-level cell (TLC) models. Customers can start with just 11 QLC drives and scale up to 5.9 petabytes of effective capacity per device. PowerStore’s intelligent load balancing capabilities help save costs and improve workload location in mixed TLC and QLC clusters.
  • Higher performance: Improve hardware performance by up to 66% through new upgrades of higher model devices with on-site data.

Among the advances of PowerStore software, the following stand out:

  • Non-disruptive software updates available at no additional cost to existing customers offer up to 30% higher mixed workload performance and up to 20% lower latency.
  • Enhanced data protection: More options for customers to protect critical workloads with native synchronous replication for block and file workloads, and native metro replication for Windows, Linux, and VMware environments.
  • Increased efficiency: Software enhancements offer up to 20% more data reduction and up to 28% more terabytes per watt efficiency.
  • Data Mobility Improvements in Multicloud: Customers can advance multi-cloud strategies and simplify workload mobility by connecting PowerStore to Dell APEX Block Storage for Public Cloud, the world’s most scalable cloud block storage.

“Our advancements in the PowerStore portfolio and the range of financial and operational benefits for customers and partners are elevating the level of the all-flash storage offering,” said Arthur Lewis, President of the Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions Group. “And we don’t stop there. Our focus on innovation also extends to Dell APEX, where we are improving infrastructure and application reliability through the power of AI and automation, making managing multi-cloud and Kubernetes storage even easier.”

Dell continues to expand the capabilities of its Dell APEX portfolio to support those customers focused on specific areas, such as AI and multicloud. Dell APEX AIOps Software as a Service (SaaS) optimizes the health of Dell infrastructure and service availability with full-stack AI-driven observability and incident management. This is a significant expansion of Dell’s AIOps tools that simplifies operations, improves IT agility, and gives you greater control over applications and infrastructure through three integrated capabilities:

  • Infrastructure Observability: Solves infrastructure problems up to 10 times faster than traditional approaches through AI-driven health, cybersecurity and sustainability insights and recommendations. Dell APEX AIOps Assistant with generative AI provides instant answers to infrastructure questions and detailed troubleshooting recommendations.
  • Application Observability: Provides up to a 70% reduction in the average application troubleshooting time through full stack application topology and analysis to ensure application availability and performance.
  • Incident Management: Optimizes the availability of digital infrastructure through AI-driven incident detection and resolution that reduces multi-vendor and cloud infrastructure problems reported by customers by up to 93%.

Dell APEX Navigator SaaS expands to include Kubernetes storage management and additional support for Dell APEX public cloud storage offers:

  • Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes is generally available, Kubernetes storage management is simplified on Dell PowerFlex and coming soon on Dell PowerScale and Dell APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift, providing advanced data services such as data replication application mobility and container observability.
  • Dell APEX Navigator for Multicloud Storage adds support for Dell APEX File Storage for AWS with planned support for Dell APEX File Storage for Microsoft Azure later this year. This offer simplifies the configuration, deployment and monitoring of storage on a universal storage layer created by Dell on-premises and public cloud storage.

Customers can start using Dell APEX Navigator for multi-cloud storage and now Dell APEX Navigator for Kubernetes through a 90-day, risk-free trial.