Cirion presents DC Connect, the solution for connectivity between Data Centers

With more than 160 interconnected data centers, Cirion is positioned as a leader in instant connectivity between data centers in key cities in the Americas.

The provider of digital infrastructure and technology announces the launch of its new service DC Connect, an innovative solution designed to facilitate connectivity between multiple data centers.

DC Connect is a comprehensive platform that enables secure and efficient data transfer between geographically dispersed sites. This solution is critical for businesses and organizations that operate in multiple locations and need a reliable connection to ensure business continuity and synchronization of their data.

Cirion’s DC Connect Features:

  • Broad Coverage: With more than 160 interconnected data centers in more than 60 cities, Cirion provides the largest connectivity to key data centers in Latin America, including the NAP of the Americas in Miami.
  • Own Fiber: The connectivity is based on own fiber, previously implemented and operated by Cirion, which guarantees a high level of reliability and security.
  • Quick Activation: DC Connect offers fast service activation across our coverage area, enabling agile and efficient deployment.
  • Variety of Services: Customers can access Ethernet services, Wavelengths and Dark Fiber solutions (subject to availability), adapting to their specific needs.
  • Flexibility: DC Connect’s transport platform is flexible and adapts to changing market demands, enabling efficient scalability.
  • Private and Dedicated Connectivity: The fiber used is highly reliable, private and dedicated, ensuring the security of the transferred data.
  • Public and Private Cloud Access: DC Connect provides access to major Public and Private Clouds, facilitating integration with cloud platforms.
  • DC-to-Cloud: Customers can also deploy a DC-to-Cloud solution, including direct connection to cloud platforms such as AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle Fast Connect or IBM Direct Link.

Key benefits of DC Connect:

  • Secure connectivity: DC Connect offers secure connectivity options, using advanced protocols to protect the integrity of transferred information.
  • Redundancy: The solution is designed with redundancy to ensure continuous data availability, even in failure situations.
  • Resource optimization: DC Connect maximizes efficiency by enabling data transfer between data centers quickly and reliably.

In short, DC Connect forms the largest regional interconnection system and represents an innovative strategy to leverage regional data centers, minimizing operational costs and maximizing the efficient use of business resources. By offering a comprehensive and reliable solution, Cirion is positioned as a leader in connectivity between data centers.

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