Veeam recommends making “conscious and meaningful” investments for data protection

In an exclusive interview with ITseller, Gil Vega, Director of Information Security at Veeam, and Jeff Reichard, Vice President of Solutions Strategy at Veeam, discussed the current cyber threat landscape, highlighted the importance of educating organizations and explained how recent brand launches can help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity strategies.

The Veeam Ransomware 2024 Trend Report was presented as part of the VeeamON 2024. This report was based on surveys of 12,000 organizations around the world that were attacked by a ransomware threat (whether or not it was successful). The people interviewed were a third backup managers, another third security leaders, and the last of security practitioners, experts and analysts.

“The interesting thing in the 2024 report is that 75% of the organizations surveyed were victims of a ransomware attack last year. In other words, only 25% were not violated. Of that 75%, 26% were attacked 4 times or more”, said Jeff Reichard, vice president of solutions strategy at Veeam.

Reichard began his career working at a West Coast university data center in the 1990s, and continued to devote himself to data protection and replication. He spent 20 years working with clients in the United States Federal Government, and since arriving at Veeam 5 years ago has focused on the public sector and helping businesses improve their data security.

Another data highlighted in the Veeam report was the number of companies that were able to recover their data without paying in the face of a ransomware attack. 15% of respondents were able to recover without giving money, as they had a proper backup. 4% were not required to pay any ransomware. And finally, 81% ended up paying what they were asked to.

Gil Vega, Director of Information Security at Veeam, stressed the importance of organizations strengthening their cybersecurity strategies in the face of ongoing ransomware threats in the region. “Jeff and I have been in Latin America for a couple of days talking to clients about threats in the region. After looking at the big picture, we understand that companies should focus fully on the fundamental principles of cybersecurity. Backup solutions are essential to deal with a ransomware attack, but there are many more things you need to take care of before you get to the point of post-incident restoration”, he analyzed.

Gil Vega, Director of Information Security at Veeam.

“Companies like Veeam are releasing these Ransomware trend reports to educate businesses. What we recommend is to make a conscious and significant investment in the protection of your companies, thus reducing the risks of any cyber threat”

-Gil Vega

Gil Vega has been working in cybersecurity for 25 years. His career was mostly linked to the United States Government. He worked in the Department of Defense, Intelligence and Communications, also in the Department of Energy, and then joined Veeam 5 years ago. “My responsibilities are to protect the company, educate employees and assist customers with any cybersecurity issues they have”, he said.

Portfolio Enhancements and Expansion

Today, Veeam gets most of its revenue from the Veeam Data Platform, protecting on-premise workloads. Second is Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365. In recent years, the company’s portfolio has expanded with cloud adoption by its customers, so they work with all hyperscalers protecting data natively. In addition, they are securing workloads on kubernetes, which are increasingly used in the public sector.

Looking to expand the capabilities they offer to their customers, during the VeeamON 2024 the company presented 2 big announcements. First, the launch of Veeam Data Cloud. “For years we have provided Backup as a Service through other service providers. But we heard that many customers were looking for Veeam to have a first-hand cloud offering, so they can directly manage their backups. That’s Veeam Data Cloud. We launched it last year and did the relaunch this 2024. Includes 3 components: Veeam Manage Backup as a Service for workloads in Microsoft 365 and for workloads in Azure; the third component is Veeam Manage Storage in the cloud, called Veeam Data Cloud Vault”, commented the Vice President of Solutions Strategy at Veeam.

Jeff Reichard, vice president of solutions strategy at Veeam.

“Through a partnership with Microsoft, Veeam Data Cloud Vault automatically scans backups with AI, so organizations know where they have critical data, catalog their information, and modify revisions or level of protection accordingly.”

-Jeff reichard

Veeam’s second major announcement was the acquisition of Coveware, an incident response boutique that helps organizations deal with ransomware attacks. “We help in the ransomware recovery process and are very good at telling businesses how to reduce risks through backup solutions, but what Coveware brings is the ability to train organizations right from the start and take them by the hand throughout the process using data. Companies can make rational and well-grounded decisions based on Coveware’s experience”, said Gil Vega.

Bringing simplicity to the customer

Veeam’s Director of Information Security said companies must be aware that cybercrime is a business that uses increasingly advanced techniques, and all are vulnerable. This is why it is necessary to learn about it and to ensure efficient backup solutions.

“Cybercrime is an industry. They have their own structure and organization, and they are increasingly effective. Critical data from individuals or companies can be sold online on marketplaces-like sites. People hear about this, but they don’t believe it until they see it or are victims of it. If you believe this is not a real danger, our advice is that you or your companies be educated to be aware of all current threats. This will help prevent such incidents from happening and, should they happen, companies like Veeam are here to support them”, Vega said.

“One of the reasons we are number one in global market share is because Veeam has always worked on its engineering to make its solutions simple for customers”

-Jeff reichard

In turn, Reichard highlighted the ease that Veeam offers to implement its solutions as one of its main differentiators, as well as its wide network of partners that gives its customers the proximity and support they need. “We enable organizations to deploy ransomware-proof solutions without spending too much time or money. They can buy Veeam and have their backups in the cloud that same day. That’s very important, with every organization we talk about, people must do several jobs at once, they don’t need more complexity, they need something simple”, the executive said.

And he concluded: “Another factor that helps us make cybersecurity simple for our customers is our partner infrastructure. We have the largest partner community of any data protection organization in the world, meaning wherever you are, there will be partners who understand your business and can help you implement Veeam”.