Microsoft and ATC Strengthen Their Strategic Alliance with The Launch of Their Commercialization Platform of Electronic Licenses

Carlos Alves, Gerente de Ventas y Distribución para Caribe y Centroamérica de Microsoft.

The world-renowned brand and the international distributor take a step forward in their strategic alliance by offering new services that will allow channels to distribute their products more efficiently. Bryam Aliaga, ATC Sales Manager, and Carlos Alves, Distribution and Sales Manager for Microsoft in the Caribbean and Central America detail the joint work for the region and the benefits for resellers. 

 “This new step with ATC represents a great step forward in the business relationship with this important wholesaler in the region.”

Carlos Alves

Alves claimed that one of the main trends in his industry is the distribution of licenses through digital means, for which the implementation of ESD with our ATC distributor represented the logical evolution that will allow us to continue growing within the region and be able to better serve our business partners. The implementation of this solution is the result of several months of work between Microsoft and ATC which resulted in the integration of ATC’s e-commerce platform with Microsoft’s supply systems of electronic licensing, which will allow them to electronically distribute licenses of products such as Office, Windows and Microsoft 365 to the entire distribution channel of the Caribbean and Central America, significantly facilitating their commercialization.

Bryam Aliaga, Gerente de Ventas de ATC.

In this sense, Bryam Aliaga, ATC Sales Manager emphasized: “working with Microsoft has been an added value when it comes to selling all the products we are commercializing today, it is a very strong alliance because we had mostly commercialized computing, retail products and with this partnership with Microsoft, the possibility of selling licenses complements our portfolio of solutions, giving us a full package to offer to our clients.”

Given the increase in demand for the electronic licenses by resellers of the region during the last year, Alves detailed the advantages of the ESD model: “apart from having benefits from a cost point of view (since being an electronic license, it has lower costs) as ESD licenses can be distributed electronically, they allow savings in logistics, shipping and customs costs, permitting our resellers to provide our products in a very flexible way even in widely dispersed geographies, as is the case with the Caribbean and Central America.   

The ESD licesing features allow, in the case of Windows, for example, not only to update the version of the operating system of already licensed computers but it can also be used to legalize computers that do not have original Windows licenses. Thus, since they are electronic licenses, what is mainly recommended is that the channel acquires the licenses through a distributor just before reselling them to a customer, which, in turn, eliminates the need of having a stock of them. 

Alves, added: “Another advantage that ESD licenses offer is that they can be used to renew subscriptions for products such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Family, or Microsoft 365 Business Standard, once the original 12-month subscription has expired, the ESD license maintains the same terms and conditions of a license under Full Packaged Product (FPP) format.”

Aliaga, emphasized: “All Microsoft products are already available in our web store so that customers can see all the products that we offer” and added: “we are also proposing trainings to our customers’ sales team who are interested in learning to sell the product or who want to enter the business because they were not offering it in their sales strategy.”

ATC has already launched its web store so that resellers can check products and make their purchases remotely. 

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