Dell Technologies Announces New Technologies and Partnerships for Telco Transformation

The company announced new infrastructure solutions, services and an open partner ecosystem designed to help telecom operators modernize their networks, unlock innovation and create new revenue opportunities in Edge and 5G network deployments.

In a press conference held on Tuesday, June 8, with the participation of Sandro Tavares, Global Marketing Director of the telecommunications systems business, and Raymundo Peixoto, SVP Data Center Compute Solutions, from Dell Technologies, the company presented its strategy and new developments in telecommunications.

Key new features include Dell Technologies’ cloud-native infrastructure foundation solution with Project Metalweaver software, which aims to support the deployment and maintenance of open, industry-standard infrastructures at scale. The company also announced a telecom innovation lab, where network operators can consume innovation from across the ecosystem to transform networks, deliver services and increase revenue.

At the meeting with the press, Sandro Tavares assured that by 2030 there will be US$ 700 billion in investments in Edge in verticals such as healthcare, industry, entertainment, financial sector, agriculture, etc. “This means a very significant opportunity not only for companies that provide technology solutions but also for those that deliver services to the end customer,” he said. And he urged these companies to have a more relevant participation in services for those sectors of the economy beyond delivering connectivity to help them in digital transformation.

In this sense, he stressed that Dell’s announcements point to its positioning as a company that can help CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to capture these opportunities. With 5G, telecommunications operators have the opportunity to connect more than just people, they will connect things, and new opportunities will be created in terms of automation, to change their business and bring new revenues,” he said.

Tavares then announced a new network architecture ready to support an agile cloud and open environment. “On this we are creating an Open Network Ecosystem, with partners that are going to be certified to deploy in customer networks,” he said. In this way, he explained, “Dell is going to look for proven solutions, integrate them and make their consumption easier for telcos.”
The executive said that Dell is integrating all its experience in IT transformation together with its experience in networks, for the transformation of communications networks while respecting their own characteristics.

“At Dell we are positioning ourselves as a player that is going to help CSPs capture this opportunity, in monetizing the Edge Computing network, to modernize the network they have, and for them to have their digital transformation themselves.”

For his part, Raymundo Peixoto, referred to the work that Dell carried out last year for the companies to connect with their customers and also with public entities. “Communication is key, but it is not a privilege for a few, it should be available to everyone, from individual professionals to large corporations, and this comes with the transformation of telcos, where we are going from a very proprietary model to one that is open, enabling new applications to be developed,” he said.

He also stressed that Dell has a very strong presence in Latam, with leadership in servers with more than 37 market points for more than 3 years in a row. “We are able to provide IT market services, continue with the growth of the networking and CSP market, a totally new market, where we have more than 100 million base stations, not counting 5G,” he said.

“These announcements will enable CSPs to have the ability to manage this distributed Edge environment with a Dell technology solution with very sophisticated equipment for hostile environments, low latency, with our proven logistics and support capacity in all countries that have operations in Latam. It is a very important moment for the region”, he concluded.


Dell Technologies is anchoring the open, cloud-native telecom ecosystem, with infrastructure and solutions, industry partners and a new innovation lab, to put telecom service providers on the fast track to innovation and revenue growth.

As organizations across all industries look to drive new value with Edge technologies, IDC predicts that the number of new operational processes deployed on Edge infrastructure will grow from less than <20% today, to more than >90% by 2041. Telecom service providers are looking to transform their businesses and networks to support this tremendous growth and benefit from the Edge opportunities ahead.

Dell Technologies is creating open software solutions and services designed for the specific requirements of the telecommunications industry. By collaborating with Dell, telecom service providers can use these new solutions to adopt software-defined industry standards, simplify data integration and management at the Edge, and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

“Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to help communications service providers transform, backed by an industry-leading IT infrastructure, its secure, global supply chain, and its IT services with more than 60,000 dedicated professionals and partners with a presence in more than 170 countries,” the company announced.

Modernizing to an open, cloud-native network

As telecom networks disaggregate and move toward delivering powerful infrastructure and applications at the edge, the number of components to deploy and manage across geographic locations grows exponentially. Dell Technologies is launching a cloud-native network infrastructure with a full stack of open, scalable carrier-grade server and software solutions to simplify and accelerate this journey. Today, CSPs can use Dell Technologies validated reference architectures to deploy full-stack telecommunications solutions from partners, including VMware and Red Hat, with optimal Dell hardware, software and services.

With Project Metalweaver, Dell Technologies is taking this cloud-native infrastructure farther to support the need to scale across broad geographies. Project Metalweaver is a flexible software solution enabling CSPs to easily select, autonomously deploy and manage thousands of multi-vendor compute, network and storage devices across multiple locations with this flexible software solution. Open and on-demand resources can be scaled simply to multi-premises, backed by Dell Technologies global support and services.

“If we look at the Edge, we’re going to deploy compute capacity in the vast majority of mobile network sites, where we’re going to have one or two servers. The maintenance and control of these solutions are then a bit more complex. The Metalweaver Project makes it possible for us to have a very advanced control of all the infrastructure that will be deployed in the operators’ network in the operation centers without the need to go to the site”, emphasized Tavares.

Dell Technologies is also introducing new reference architectures to span telecommunications edge, core and Open RAN environments. The reference architectures provide full stack guidance, deployment options and operational recommendations for specific use cases to help CSPs quickly and efficiently deploy applications and services enterprises demand. Through Dell Financial Services flexible payment solutions, CSPs can choose flexible payment solutions for the products and services they need to transform or build their networks.

The company informed that building upon Dell Technologies infrastructure foundation solutions with VMware Telco Cloud Platform and Red Hat OpenShift, CSPs initially will be able to deploy:

  • Core software solutions from Affirmed Networks.
  • Private network solutions from CommScope RUCKUS.
  • Multi-access edge computing (MEC) solutions with Intel Smart Edge.
  • Dell Technologies is collaborating with Mavenir to develop 5G Open RAN software with Dell EMC PowerEdge XR11 ruggedized servers.
  • Core software solutions from Nokia.

New telecom lab 

Dell Technologies is introducing its Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab to create a place where it can work with its partners and customers to explore and collaborate on future telecom technologies and applications. Hosted at the company’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, the carrier-grade testing environment offers CSPs the ability to mirror customer locations and test multi-vendor, real-world solutions and services.

New solutions can be incubated in the lab, then quickly brought to market, allowing CSPs to create new enterprise edge services and applications. Dell’s technology partner program provides engineering resources and project management support to design, build, market and sell network solutions and services.