Generation Z and What Would Be Their Ideal Device to Exponentiate Learning

People born between 1996 and 2012 are known as Centennials, and they belong to Generation Z. Although there are thousands of ways to define this generation, which is digital native, their relationship with technology has always been present, since they have been exposed to all kinds of changes and advances in the field from an early age, which makes the use of technology something natural for them.

According to World Bank figures, zoomers already represent 41% of the global workforce. And this generation that is now between 9 and 25 years old, -most of them studying at some academic level-, will soon be the generation with the largest number of people in the world, which makes it important in this back to school, regardless of the format (hybrid or face-to-face), to know what their habits and needs are so that their learning experience is optimal.

Although centennials have always been immersed in technology and the internet, this did not mean that online classes did not bring challenges, and that the future of hybrid education will not come with new meaning, innovations and technological adoption processes.

Knowing that a good device with the right capabilities and features can make all the difference in the learning experience, Microsoft Surface conducted a study last year to identify Generation Z’s relationship with their devices and how their habits have evolved or changed since the pandemic.

Among the findings, it was found that Gen Z increases the use of the computer for all activities compared to the rest of the ages -except telework- and, although 53% of people who use a computer have an average use of it, that is, between 4 and 10 hours a day, digital natives make a more intensive use of it, increasing the ranges up to 14 hours a day.

Another important result relates to the fact that 72% of students, laptop users, increased their use of their computer for online classes during the pandemic, and 64% of respondents also used it for entertainment activities, 48% for socializing (communication with friends and family) and 44% for online classes.

In the specific case of online classes, 84% of Generation Z used their computers to check emails, 77% to consult study materials, 76% to connect to their classes and 75% to complete homework assignments.

The results of the study also showed that 37% of digital natives bought a computer in the last year, being a consumer who always seeks to stay informed and make smart purchases, comparing performance, durability, audio and video features, payment facilities and more. In addition to highlighting that, of those surveyed, 42% consider buying a new computer in the coming months.

If we compare these results with those of users from other generations, only 27% of them made device purchases during the pandemic. Centennials are looking for a lightweight device with attractive design, long battery life, multitasking functions and excellent audio and video systems. This is essential for them, as their device becomes the perfect ally that accompanies them 24/7.

For this type of user, Microsoft Surface recommends the Surface Laptop 4, which in addition to having a battery that lasts up to 19 hours, the virtual classroom experience will be extraordinary by having a front-facing camera, studio microphones, and exceptional audio. Thanks to its 13.5″ size, college students can take it anywhere and have the same experience as those who stay at home to take classes.

In conclusion, Generation Z is self-taught, innovative, entrepreneurial and accustomed to multitasking and multi-devices that allow them to be always connected. For this segment of the population, information and education should be just a click away. For this reason, they view e-learning positively and will present greater flexibility in a hybrid educational scheme.