Corning Launches 100% Online Extended Warranty Program in Latin America

Corning Optical Communications has just upgraded its Extended Warranty Program (EWP), an initiative that offers the company’s customers a series of advantages, including a 25-year warranty for structured cabling products in LAN and Data Center installations. To meet this new scenario, the program underwent modifications and is now available in the region 100% online.

Another new feature is that the new version of the program now covers courses and extended warranties for the copper structured cabling line and incorporates hardware and connectivity.

PGE comprises an exclusive group of companies trained in Corning’s installation method and best practice standards. Through the program, members and installers can access product and technology updates; the PGE portal; program benefits; Design/Win; expanded visibility through the Corning site’s member directory; and training on structured copper fiber cabling, available throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

To be part of PGE, companies undergo a careful selection process where they are verified if their facilities meet Corning and industry quality standards, technical and financial soundness, and a commitment to continually update themselves with training on the latest technologies and solutions.

“When working with a member of Corning’s PGE Extended Warranty program, quality and attention to detail and accountability are guaranteed. Each PGE member is carefully screened and undergoes annual training to help them plan, design and install innovative, future-ready networks. Beyond that, member installers are able to offer a warranty of up to 25 years for LAN and DC network installations, which offers more peace of mind to end users or network owners,” says Giovani Mahecha, Marketing Manager for the CALA region of Corning Optical Communications.

“In order to guarantee the professionalism of the program, all training sessions are conducted in small shifts, with interaction and tests, thus maintaining the necessary level of learning,” the executive explains. Our expectation is to close the year with a 20% growth in the number of members participating in the program, the executive adds.

To learn more about PGE and membership requirements, go to: