Schneider Electric Introduces America’s First Mobile Hub Specialized in the Industry 4.0

Schneider Electric developed a demonstration vehicle that presents the platform innovation and its EcoStruxure services architecutre, which offers open and operationally connected solutions that are enabled for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and artificial intelligence in all segments of industries.

“Our goal, with the development of this mobile center, is to continue with a global initiative of the company, in which through Innovation Hubs we manage to decentralize our services and products exhibition, to bring the company’s solutions to our customers’ doorstep so they can interact and understand how they work,” said Michael Ramirez, Business Development Manager of Schneider Electric Central America.

The company has three other mobile innovation hubs operating in New Zealand, Australia and Dubai, making this Mobile the fourth worldwide and the only one in the Americas. The EcoStruxture Mobile Innovation Hub has traveled 10,000 km with 47 visits, for more than 150 hours in Costa Rica; and will continue its journey throughout Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

“The pandemic has boosted this idea in our region, thanks to the need to get closer to our customers in a simple and secure way. By having a mobile platform, as well as a wider audience, we can easily move around. The hub structure makes it easier to understand the concepts and features of our products because customers can try them out in real time and understand scenarios of how the solution can help their business or industry. The Hub incorporates demonstrations integrating data analytics, machine learning, IIoT systems, augmented reality, all for energy control and efficiency,” said Ramirez.

The Innovation Hub integrates different solutions in energy, data analysis, control and equipment maintenance for all sectors. Mainly for the food and beverage industry, medical devices, mass consumption, manufacturing, agriculture and residential real estate complexes. In Costa Rica, we have visited companies from Guanacaste to the southern part of the country.

Innovation Hub Features

“Hub construction began in November 2020 and at this moment, it has been running for four months, visiting clients and touring Costa Rica. The vehicle was purchased and plans were developed for its adaptation so that it could function as a stand for our services, this involved many pre-designs and tests to achieve the final result,” said Michael Ramirez.

The Hub required a US$80,000 investment and has 5 panels to exhibit more than 80 solutions that highlight the value of the EcoStruxure architecture. It also has an automated operating system with voice control and integrates augmented reality applications that allow visitors to interact with the solutions.

The EcoStruxure platform leverages advances in IIoT, mobility, sensing, cloud analytics and cybersecurity to deliver innovation at all levels, from connected products, automated control, applications and services. Ensuring effective integration of intelligent solutions. Within the range of Schneider Electric products are all solutions for Industry 4.0 which ranges from cybersecurity to augmented reality maintenance solution using Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses for virtual support from anywhere in the world.