Nutanix Predictions for 2022

Nutanix CEO, Rajiv Ramaswami, has presented his predictions on the main technology trends that will shape the market in 2022. These include the growth of multicloud hybrid cloud models, security automation, artificial intelligence and the role of technology in retaining and attracting the best talent.

  • Hybrid Multicloud Strategies. One of the main concerns for companies as they look to work with public clouds will have to do with cloud “lock-in”. This will drive the adoption of hybrid multicloud strategies that allow them to make better use of the advantages of each type of cloud, having more freedom to choose how to operate their applications and data.
  • Technology and Human Resources. Technology will be a key element for all HR aspects: it will help improve employee engagement, fostering company culture, employee well-being, flexible work models and, of course, productivity. Companies that learn to use technology properly in this field will have a great competitive advantage, as they will be able to retain and attract the best talent.
  • Security Automation. The hyper-digital transformation that companies are undergoing will not stop, but will accelerate and will require more agile and comprehensive solutions to protect remote employees, their applications and their data. This will require a holistic approach to security risk management, gaining a deeper understanding of how malware/phishing will affect companies and working with a “war-gaming” model to understand, pinpoint and neutralize potential threats that may hit each customer’s specific industry or business model.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). Due to new technological developments and a shortage of skilled labor in several areas, we believe that many more companies will bet on AI to face their business challenges. But the reality is that AI is far from an easy technology to implement, so it is very likely that many companies will fail in their first foray into this field. On the other hand, the companies that do manage to take their first steps with AI will be more likely to succeed if they do so with a clear and defined goal in mind, rather than trying to tackle big problems from the outset.