Ink Bottles Save 80% on Printing Costs Compared to Traditional Cartridges

Back to school 2022 has already begun and with it comes a countless number of homework assignments, work guides and, in some cases, there are students who are under the online class modality. In the context of the pandemic, homes have been transformed into educational classrooms and technology has become a key ally to facilitate learning.

The new scenario has driven the intensive use of computers and printers, essential equipments to stay connected in order to access online content and print documents designed by teachers. This has created the need to decide which equipment is more efficient and evaluate which ones allow high performance without incurring large expenses.

“EcoTank printers were born 10 years ago as a response to the new printing habits of users, based on the conversion of the use of cartridges to ink tanks that allow savings, higher quality and efficiency. Also, as part of the company’s commitment to make these products affordable and environmentally friendly,” said Francisco Rugel, Product Manager for Epson NOLA.

In relation to printing technology, the most efficient recommendation points to ink tank printers over cartridge printers, since they allow an exponential increase in the number of prints to be made, without the need to constantly load ink, minimizing printing costs by up to 80%, under the promise of higher performance and generating less environmental impact.

For example, with the 4-bottle printer, equivalent to 35 traditional ink cartridges, this would be enough to print 7,500 pages in black color and up to 4,500 pages in black; which allows significant savings in ink purchases and reduces the amount of waste caused by this.

“Another important detail to maintain the highest standards is the use of original inks in all the equipment used in-house, since, in addition to maintaining the warranty, this avoids repair costs, failures in the printing process and even the loss of the investment made in the equipment,” Rugel pointed out.

High quality printing

The EPSON Ecotank L4260 printer is intended and designed for families, students and small companies. It is an investment for the home and to support students’ work or small businesses. The set of ink bottles of this equipment uses the EcoFit System that contains up to 35 times more ink than traditional cartridges. It also features Heat-Free technology that gives the device a longer life without overheating and reduces its environmental impact.

Moreover, to allow the user to print without the need to be tethered to a cable, this model comes with WiFi Direct and for Apple users it also supports Airprint. Wireless printing can also be done from tablets/smartphones.

One of the innovations that stand out with the celebration of 10 years of Ecotank, is the new application “Epson Smart Panel”, which allows you to transform the way you use a printer. An intuitive and easy to use application that will be free for iOS and Android devices that enables maintenance and control of the printer. At the same time, it allows you to customize all prints, use exclusive templates and create materials from scratch.

Finally, for this back-to-school season, Epson offers new bottle packs in quantities of 2, 3 and 4 bottles, available at any of the brand’s points of sale and distribution channels such as Walmart, Office Depot and Unicomer.

“Today with more than 60 million Ecotank units sold worldwide, Epson reinforces its commitment to continue innovating to provide high quality solutions to our customers and their families” Rugel concluded.