Increased Value for Partners with ThousandEyes, now All-inclusive in the Channel

By Oliver Tuszik, Senior Vice President of Cisco's Global Partner Sales

Legendary management consultant and author, Peter Drucker, is renowned for the phrase, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” And to measure anything, you have to have the right tools and visibility into what can affect a company, especially in areas that may be out of your control.

For many companies today, success depends on delivering exceptional digital experiences to both customers and employees across networks they do not control or own. In a cloud-first world, these companies must overcome “Internet blind spots” to successfully measure and manage a variety of digital experiences.

In this new world, visibility – knowing where, when and how digital experiences are affected – is critical. This requires visualization of all aspects that can affect an application’s experience: the application itself, the Internet, the cloud, and the myriad internal and external networks on which each application runs. Our partners hear this from our customers: “Give us simple solutions to see where there are problems so we can respond quickly to fix them.”

All included in the Canal

Cisco ThousandEyes is being included in the all-inclusive Channel sales model, we are helping our partners deliver on their commitment to customers. I am excited about this and the work our teams are doing to support partners’ needs in adding this capability to their Cisco portfolio. Delivered as a SaaS solution, ThousandEyes is another important component of Cisco driving more subscription-based annual recurring revenue, an important change that we know is just good business for our partners’ bottom line.

Cisco bought ThousandEyes two years ago. With a set of simple tools to visually present networks and applications affected by outages and problems, the company has grown at an extraordinary pace helping companies adapt to the challenges of managing a distributed workforce, migrating to hybrid cloud and adopting application security at the edge. And now these capabilities are available to all Cisco partners.

The opportunity for partners is huge

The growth of cloud-based enterprise application software continues to accelerate. In fact, Gartner estimates cloud revenues of $474 billion by 2022. This unprecedented growth and migration to the cloud is reflected among the needs of our customers who require visibility into SaaS and cloud environments. We see this as a vital capability for our customers and are committed to helping our partners take advantage of a significant portion of the opportunity.

For businesses that rely on networks and applications, visibility into the digital experience is a critical measure that enables holistic management. The visibility provided by ThousandEyes is an aspect that we believe is of great value to our partners and customers.