MC3 and Its Vision on The English Caribbean Market

We had an exclusive dialogue with Boris Chodkiewiez, MC3 Director.

Boris Chodkiewiez, MC3 Director.

“The pandemic has generated many new needs and has accelerated some trends worldwide but even more in the Caribbean with the discrepancies in languages and culture,” says Boris Chodkiewiez.

Adding that there is an inequality when looking at the mentioned Market and that most of the territories that conform it have enhanced productivity, but they are still very shy on real cloud computing such as Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, generating big discrepancies.

The interviewee also mentions security as a point to be taken into account as he sees it as a very strong concern and strong market to be addressed. “People stay at home and when they use their own internet and services it becomes difficult to manage,” he adds.

In terms of their investment focus, he puts his attention on cloud adoption and providing tools for the channels. Therefore, he adds that they have made a big investment in technology in terms of recruitment, skilling, training and platforms.

“In the pandemic years, our changes to meet new business needs were primarily about adopting new models for working from home.”

MC3 Director comments that the transformation he experienced as a result of the Coronavirus changed the way in which they collaborate with their clients, putting all the focus today on the digital market. “It changed the concept of signing something since people only do it digitally, we have helped clients to have the best scenario to have a secure and still very fast signature process,” he says. 

Regarding the strategy for this year, the spokesperson mentions that they are investing in new partners in different Caribbean territories such as Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Dominican Republic, among others.

Another aspect in which they needed to grow is in the investment in human capital in the Human Resources area. Boris Chodkiewiez comments that they are placing great importance on this, as they need more people with computer and platform management skills. “Immediacy is an aspect we are developing for 2022,” he emphasizes.

“People like to be able to choose quickly, to get some advice or to be able to change immediately,” he says. Emphasizing that they learned to handle the immediacy that customers want or need now that everything is digitized and with a few clicks they can find each other through online meeting rooms.

Finally, as the last aspect for growth, he highlights the value of investments in marketing and in trying to provide good added value to what they do from their company, that is why they are not only dedicated to reselling what they provide, but they do it with assistance from specialized people.

“We help our partners to satisfy themselves. So, with Microsoft there is a long certification process, so with them we have several benefits and then we have even more webinars to give them more visibility on what is happening and what will happen.”

At the end of this exclusive interview, MC3 Director comments that they will soon offer some services that are not usually distributed, with the objective of providing their resellers in the aspects where they are not competent due to skills or capabilities.  

“You create the customer, you create the order and you can deploy the licenses right away,” he concludes.