Netskope acquires WootCloud to power its zero trust strategy

The company, leader in security services seeks to protect enterprise IoT devices at scale

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Netskope has announced the acquisition of WootCloud, an innovator in applying Zero Trust principles to IoT security. As noted, the acquisition brings WootCloud’s HyperContext security platform to Netskope, which they say provides end-to-end threat visibility, context and remediation for managed and unmanaged devices, and will extend Netskope‘s SSE and Zero Trust capabilities to protect enterprise IoT devices at scale.

“Founded in 2016 in San Jose, California, WootCloud offers device discovery, classification and control to help customers gain deep visibility and context of all devices on their networks (both managed and unmanaged), and provide a threat and risk assessment measure for devices that can be leveraged within a broader IoT security strategy. WootCloud’s cloud-based platform is capable of collecting billions of daily device characteristic measurements, and this telemetry data is then analyzed using proprietary AI/ML models for device classification, risk assessment and threat detection,” said Sanjay Beri, CEO and co-founder of Netskope.

According to the executive, WootCloud technology will further extend Netskope’s SSE and Zero Trust capabilities, ensuring that critical data is protected from the network, to the cloud and to the company’s IoT devices.

“Netskope is an undisputed leader in Security Service Edge and Zero Trust, and it makes perfect sense to combine and extend our collective capabilities to protect enterprise IoT devices at scale,” said Amit Srivastav, CEO of WootCloud. “We are very proud of what we have achieved with WootCloud, and we are excited to join Netskope for this next stage of the growth journey.”

Financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. WootCloud CEO Amit Srivastav has joined Netskope as executive advisor to the CEO, and the entire WootCloud engineering team, led by original founding CEO Srinivas Akella, has joined Netskope‘s engineering organization.