Ovalo 24 Miami: Betting on the Hybrid Marketplace

The B2B market always offers new alternatives for consumers and vendors. In this case, the bet appears with a hybrid marketing model, where both legs of the business seek to transact safely.

In this regard, Jose Medina, Commercial Manager of Ovalo 24 Miami, explains the new proposal “Ovalo 24 Miami is a hybrid technology wholesaler in which our customers can join our site to sell and buy with our effective and simple process for customers and suppliers associated with us”.

Medina explains what are the elements that differentiate them from the rest of the market “Our platform facilitates all our products and those of our suppliers in a simple way, where the available products are updated daily to be kept in real time. Our associates tailor their care and professional services not only to sales, but also to our purchasing, marketing, and logistics teams.”

The executive also highlights the commercial structure and customer service as other differentiating elements “Our commercial structure starts from our readily available customer service support to our Logistics team. We provide you with everything you need, we have a complete purchasing, sales, finance, marketing and logistics department equipped to serve you with ease.

The growth and success of this hybrid B2B proposal is observed internationally, as it reaches more than 165 countries around the world with active clients in more than 55 countries. In this regard, the manager highlights that the level of quality of care is the same, regardless of their place of residence“ We strive to serve all our national and international customers in the same way to facilitate their purchases, whether they buy from Australia to locally here in Miami.”