Cisco Recognizes Business Partners Promoting Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and increasingly a top priority for our customers. Cisco’s own commitment to environmental sustainability starts at the very top. Our CEO, Chuck Robbins, has pledged 100% product return and ambitious Net Zero GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions goals by 2040.  Cisco Partners play a critical role in driving sustainable outcomes for our customers, and the planet.

At Partner Summit last November 2021, we announced the Cisco Partner Digital Sustainability Challenge. This Challenge rewards Cisco partners around the world who are developing solutions using Cisco technology to help customers tackle climate concerns and achieve their own sustainability goals.

Solutions submitted by partner teams focused on three criteria

  1. Show a Measurable Impact.  Showcase solutions that measurably cut greenhouse gas emissions, minimize waste, and/or reduce energy consumption.
  2. Accelerate Innovation. Share unique technology strategies and/or enable faster acceptance around customer adoption.
  3. Demonstrate Collaboration. Tap into the power of collaboration to drive scalable sustainability-focused digital transformation and leverage the collective impact of Cisco together with ourpartners’ unique expertise and perspectives.

Cisco then announces the Cisco 2022 sustainability partner challenge winners for Canada and Latin America (AMER Int’l); Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific, Japan, China (APJC).


And the 1st place award goes to Long View – This sustainability solution brings together DNA Spaces’ real-time building occupancy data and Sensible Building Science’s middleware to automate ventilation, heating, and cooling to zones where occupants are located.

In the 2nd place spot is NTT – Their smart office solution uses occupancy data to automatically provision necessary energy resources and optimize space utilization to lower energy costs.

In 3rd place is EllisDon – This Centralized Management Platform unlocks hidden value in the management of intelligent residential buildings, such as lighting control and energy metering, via a single point of control.


Earning the top spot at #1 is HCL Technologies – Their Net Zero Intelligent Operations (NIO) solution,developed by HCL Tech’s dedicated IoT business unit, IoT WoRKS™, supports energy consumption optimization in an enterprise manufacturing environment to help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

2nd place goes to the Atos NetZero team – Their carbon data platform, MyCO2Compass, can measure, manage, and predict real-time how to reduce building power usage.

The 3rd place award goes to Team CAE for WiserWatts – This platform optimizes energy consumption by rightsizing power consumption to exactly what the customer’s business needs.


Madison Group Enterprise achieved the top prize in APJC! This flood warning solution provides a much-needed early alert system of expected floods with visualization to predict flood levels and provide advanced warnings re-routing drivers and saving lives.

Congratulations to all of you! Thank you for your innovative solutions, leveraging Cisco technology and your expertise, to advance sustainability and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.  Working together, we can drive considerable change and impact to embed sustainability solutions and circular economy principles across our businesses.

Stay tuned for our 2023 Global Partner Sustainability Challenge announcement at Partner Summit!