IoT in Latam Will Have 996 Million Devices in 2023

The agile, efficient and personalized service is increasingly demanded by consumers. Faced with this, in Latin America there are already 47% of companies that are in the process of implementing IoT, seeking from it to improve their operation and please their customers.

And it is that the pandemic accelerated things in an unexpected and unprecedented way The constant connection between people around the world is a fact. The Internet and all its edges are growing every day, and in this line, the Internet of Things, especially in its Industrial version, is no exception.

In fact, in Latin America it accelerates, evolving, in the creation of: platforms, services, applications, and in the connection of devices. In this last aspect, the Statista consultancy estimates that by 2023 there will be in the region: 996 million connected devices,
1.2 billion connections by 2025, of which about 64% will be for consumers. This includes devices for smart homes, wearables and autonomous vehicles, among others.

In addition, this technology is currently an extremely valuable tool for companies, since through it they can achieve objectives and meet specific business needs in specific verticals, such as:

  • Real-time shipment tracking and identification of available locations in warehouses and warehouses in the logistics industry.
  • Preventive maintenance of equipment and machines in industrial plants.
  • The monitoring of different variables to improve the quality and sustainability of agricultural crops and stored production.
  • Remote control of patients in the field of health.
  • More efficient inventory management in retail.
  • Increase security in factories or public spaces.

“In addition, from the data collected by sensors and devices, and the analytics solutions that process them, companies can gain efficiency and get to know their customers in more depth, thus providing them with more personalized services,” explains Cristian Rojas, Chief Technology Officer of BGH Tech Partner, an organization that has a specific area that serves industrial IoT implementations so that companies can transform their business into a more connected information ecosystem.

In this context, according to a survey of companies in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, 47% of companies are already in the process of implementing IoT, while 35% plan to invest in IoT projects during 2022. Within them, the adoption by segments, the leadership corresponds to public services companies (56%), followed by manufacturing (48%). And in terms of business areas served by IoT initiatives, logistics and supply chain takes the lead (48%), followed by production (41%) and operations (34%).

“While there are already many benefits that this technology can offer to individuals and businesses, there are still significant challenges ahead, since for IoT to be deployed efficiently and massively ‘sophisticated infrastructures are required in all sectors and industries’,” concludes Rojas of BGH Tech Partner.