Retail Workshop 2022, The Most Important Retail Event in Latin America and the Caribbean Is Here

The city of Bogota will be the venue where, from September 6 to 9, Intcomex will organize the 17th edition of the Retail Workshop 2022, the most important event of the industry in the region.

The leading distributor of technology products and value-added solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean will reissue its traditional event aimed at the retail segment, which seeks to promote the growth and evolution of the most important players in the business: technology manufacturers, whose latest developments set the trends, and the representatives of the most important retailers in the region.

The agenda of the Retail Workshop includes strategic negotiation sessions with the most influential brands in the market, in addition to the strategy presentation, portfolio and mission of the main players in the business.

Intcomex has a better understanding than anyone else in the market of the profound transformations in the retail industry and the important role that technology has played in this change,” says Bruno Durán, Marketing Director at Incomex. “In addition, this will be a great opportunity to meet again at the most important retail technology event in the region and show that we are still stronger than ever.”

Another highlight will be the one-to-one meetings between manufacturers and retailers, guided by the resources that Intcomex has at its disposal to facilitate these businesses through its local presence.

Business and Entertainment

The Retail Workshop 2022 is expected to be attended by more than 200 of the most important industry representatives in the region, from Mexico to Patagonia, as well as more than 30 of the leading manufacturers.

“In all, there will be about 250 people, including decision-makers, and purchasers of the different categories of technology: mobile phones, computers, consumer electronics, among others,” says Durán.

Prior to the date of the meeting, Intcomex sales teams are already working together with manufacturers to organize promotions, offers and attractive commercial proposals, which will be presented during the meeting.

In addition to the intense days of business, the Retail Workshop also features presentations by renowned speakers, who will share their knowledge on innovative industry and retail topics to further increase the value for guests.

There will also be entertainment activities, including dinners and parties for the enjoyment of attendees who will gather in the cosmopolitan city of Bogota, which will be the regional retail capital from September 6 to 9.