Fortinet Launches Free OT Security Assessment Service

Fortinet has announced the launch of its free service for Latin America and the Caribbean aimed at industrial organisations to assess the cybersecurity maturity level of their operational technology (OT) environments.

Available in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, the operational environments and critical infrastructure security assessment is done quickly and objectively through simple questions.

Once the answers are sent, the company receives a personalised report with recommendations to raise the level of cybersecurity in its organisation. Based on this assessment, Fortinet can provide individual consulting to identify risks and best practices to raise the level of protection of OT environments.

“We are under a changing and evolving threat landscape in which OT environments have become a very desirable target for criminals. While IT teams are aware of these risks, from Fortinet we have detected that there are still many doubts about how to build an effective and complete end-to-end cybersecurity architecture for automation and production environments,” says Roberto Suzuki, Fortinet’s Regional Operational Technology Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Having this in mind, we continue to promote our cybersecurity maturity assessment model for the OT segment, based on industry frameworks such as NIST, CMMI and ARC, and with a survey of only ten questions, it offers a high-level and valuable assessment for industrial organizations.”

According to the State of Automation Technology and Cybersecurity report published in 2021, nine out of 10 organisations said they had already experienced an intrusion into their automation technology infrastructure, and 63 per cent reported three or more intrusions.

“The integral protection of industrial environments and infrastructures is now more important than ever, as the impact of an attack can have serious operational, economic, reputational and even environmental consequences. Knowing what type of network and security architecture fits the specific needs of each company, as well as all the assets that need to be protected, becomes essential to safeguard the integrity of these,” says Suzuki.