SAP Announces Plan to Create its First AppHaus in Latin America

SAP has announced plans to open its first AppHaus in Latin America, which consists of a dedicated, customer-focused space for inspiration and innovation, marking the next step in the company’s evolution: co-innovating by prioritizing human experience. The first SAP AppHaus was founded in 2014 and today the network has 23 sites worldwide: five of them owned by SAP and 18 led and managed by our partners. The one planned for Latin America will be home to partner number 19.

“Our goal is to support our customers’ evolution and transformation towards the intelligent enterprise model by applying our human-centered innovation approach leveraging the power of SAP technologies, including our innovative and successful SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP),” said Matheus Souza, Chief Innovation Officer, SAP Latin America.

The SAP AppHaus Network is a group of SAP partners that share a common belief that real-world problems can only be resolved by bringing together experts from a variety of fields to collaborate on innovative solutions. By combining Design Thinking with Architecture Thinking, this human-centered method paves the way for the creation of experiences that are appealing from a technical and economic standpoint.

“Our partners and customers exploit the capabilities and benefits of the SAP BTP in cloud and hybrid innovation environments, with hundreds of pre-built integrations for SAP solutions as well as third-party applications. Our goal is to ensure that new ideas solve the most pressing business challenges and can deliver real value to the business,” said Birgit Fien-Schmalzbauer, Global Head of SAP AppHaus Partner Network.

SAP is currently working with a list of potential partners across Latin America to establish its first SAP AppHaus in the region.

“Our partners will benefit from this global network by accessing specific training in this concept, testing new methods with other associates, learning from best practices and thus becoming pioneers in their business,” added Guillermo Brinkmann, Chief Partner Officer of SAP Latin America.

Partners interested in registering should visit and use the “Get in Contact” link to request a proposal submission form or contact us for more information. Registration is open until November 30. After that, the proposals received will be analyzed and processed in detail.