2023: Towards a Digital Transformation that Brings People to Center of the Stage

By Daniel Scarafia Regional Director in Latin America at Hitachi Vantara.

2022 is already gone, and many of us have probably carried out the results and performance assessments within our organizations, involving learning processes to seek continuous improvement in everything that lies ahead of us in terms of challenges and goals, for which we will surely work with passion and optimism.

Year 2022 was quite intense. We had news, events and milestones of such magnitude and relevance that they will determine the continuity of the huge and accelerated changes that the world is relentlessly undergoing. We saw it in the economy, business, society, politics, and even in sports with a World Cup.

In my position in the IT industry, I can say that we are living fruitful and powerful times in terms of Digital Transformation, not only in companies and organizations but also at the level of countries and societies. And this is how this process of intensive adoption of technologies in all areas of life continues to advance steadily.

And what can we expect in 2023? Digital Transformation will continue to move forward without stopping, maybe even with greater intensity. This is why we need to evaluate and look for new ways to get the most out of technologies, not just from the point of view of direct return on investment, but by broadening the vision and purpose of organizations to dimensions that protect, empower and are more empathetic to the human dimension.

We have to keep in mind that Digital Transformation is human. Technology for technology’s sake is really useless without a deeper and more integral sense. And this is because people are essential in any evolutionary process. Because without people there are no societies, countries, or nations.

Digital Transformation is essentially a cultural change that redefines on a large scale the way of doing things, where human talent is a critical factor to achieve the successful fulfillment of the objectives, goals and purposes that we have set.

“Social Profitability” allows us to develop increasingly sustainable businesses. In this field, digital technologies open great opportunities for us, as they have the potential to become a means to democratize access to progress for the communities that form the environments in which our companies operate. And these, being responsible and active participants in the environmental, social and governance challenges in every part of the planet.

With the beginning of a new cycle, we hope to see the world with all our senses and an open mind, to work towards new opportunities for people’s development.

Because the world needs organizations that are more and more agile, modern, digitized, socially responsible, and focused on the progress of humanity.