TD Synnex Drives Growth of Cyberpower in Central America and The Caribbean

We interviewed Daniel Salomon, Associate Business Development Manager for TD Synnex, who talked about the proposal of the brand specialized in energy solutions and highlighted their role as sole distributor for Central America and The Caribbean.

The brand’s big portfolio includes UPs, UPs modulars, racks, PDUs, Surge Protectors, Telecoms devices, and General Power products, such as adapters and extension cables, USB chargers, Hubs, battery banks, and more.

“We are the only distributor allowed to sell Cyberpower in Central America and The Caribbean (including English Caribbean)”, reported Salomon in dialogue with IT Seller, and said that they target several vertical markets, like education, government, and gaming. “Although edge computing is a very big focus, we try to capitalize on all the opportunities we have”, said Salomon.

When accounting for the differentials offered by both TD Synnex from its role as a distributor and Cyberpower, the interviewee highlighted that, in addition to his work as Associate Business Development Manager, he has the direct support of Alfredo López, Managing Director, Latin America brand.

Another value point is the guarantee: “We trust in the quality of all brand products, that’s why we offer a 3 years guarantee in all the line. Also, if any device needs to be repaired, it is not fixed in the factory but replaced by a completely new one”, emphasized.

“We offer a free freight program to Puerto Rico if customers order more than a certain number of products. That’s a very popular option, as racks and servers are too heavy to transport.”

Although, he placed special emphasis on the free freight program to Puerto Rico that offer customers ordering a certain number of products. “That’s a very popular option, as racks and servers are too heavy to transport,” he said.

In turn, he reported that the brand has a program for channels to register their opportunities. “We don’t consider opportunities too small, we do it from $10,000 or more. However, we try to give everyone the opportunity, sometimes many low value records can make a difference”, he said. “Once they declare the opportunity, they have a competitive discount. We try to get to the price they need to meet the tender or lower still,” he said.

While he acknowledged that many buy Cyberpower products through Amazon, Solomon said TD Synnex can compete with their prices. “When we cannot, in any case, it is justified to approach us for all the support and value we offer our customers,” he concluded.