LOL Services: A Unit That Gives Value To The Reseller Business

Licencias OnLine has developed this unit in order to facilitate business growth for its partners, avoiding unnecessary costs and risks. How does it work? Providing a technical team that becomes part of the channel for the duration of the project. “We became part of their team,” the wholesaler said.

LOL Services is a business unit that offers its partner ecosystem the possibility to expand its own portfolio using Licencias OnLine as a neutral and reliable partner to integrate with its technical team and support them on demand in projects where they need integrate solutions outside their current technical capabilities.

As explained by Ana Inés Saubidet, BDM Education and Professional Services in Licencias OnLine, “This is to support our partners to manage the market trend in which customers require complete solutions and allow them to focus on their strategic solutions and the rest integrate with Licencias OnLine”. In addition, “reselling LOL Services partners can be adapted to new solutions without the need to invest in hiring engineers and without risks in their projects”. They have developed projects for most of their manufacturers such as Veeam, VMware, CheckPoint, Trend Micro, F5, Veritas, Citrix, Red Hat, Acronis and Microsoft, among others.

Also, the spokesperson adds that, “LOL Services is especially useful for our partners in 3 specific situations: complement, overflow and technical enablement”.

On the other hand, Fabio Castiblanco, Product Manager Professional Services of the wholesaler for the NOLA region, adds: “We collaborate and cooperate with our partners becoming part of the process. We support our partner and offer an extended technical team in which we deliver 100% in each trading segment”.

Fabio Castiblanco, Product Manager Professional Services of the wholesaler for the NOLA region.

This means, continues, “that we are part of the Partners, part of their team and what we manage to complement is a need detected in front of a specific project”.

In this sense, those who are part of Licencias OnLine are defined as integrators. This is because, explains Mariano Agustín Sanchez, Product Manager Professional Services of the wholesaler for the SOLA region, “we incorporate and unite technical specialists for each project. We have the possibility to find the most outstanding experts so that, together, we begin a collaborative relationship that will bring value to the business through the implementation of technological solutions, system configuration and the commissioning of services”.

Mariano Agustín Sanchez, Product Manager Professional Services of the wholesaler for the SOLA region.

And he adds: “As integrators we speak in terms of business and projects, not just in technical terms. We are ready to help the reseller and its client in the adoption of new technologies”.

In the same line, Castiblanco highlights: “In every negotiation we want to be the integrators that our partners need, this is achieved by delivering a value offer where we grant licensing, education and services, always looking for a balance in the entire environment and total control of the opportunity”.

About the right time for the partner to go to LOL Services, the executive says: “At all times, as our customer ecosystem is always looking for new opportunities, new manufacturers and all kinds of customers. There our partners will be able to adapt and together with the team of LOL Services avoid the need to invest in engineering and contracting mitigating the risks in their projects”.

Finally, regarding the business model they explain: “Our business model is based on integration and collaboration together with our business partners, we join projects where our resellers request the support of LOL Services”.

“We work under a collaborative regional model with remote service delivery where we focus on the value of the business through different business roles, technical specialists, delivery manager and users. Each role, in the value chain, has a key role in the success factor when it comes to implementing a professional service”, highlight to finish. “With LOL Services, our partners will be able to expand their business without investing and without hiring people”.