Área Exponencial: “Our strategic alliance with i3 Technologies makes us the ideal partner to boost the profitability and experience of the reseller”

In an interview with IT Seller, Silvana Schenone, Director of Ecosystems for Área Exponencial, i3-technologies Strategic Partner for Latin America, spoke about her role in the company and how an ecosystem is built that guarantees the success of the partner.

Silvana Schenone joined the company in March 2022, and has been working in technology since she was 20. “As a director for all of Latin America, I work for a good relationship within the ecosystem so that each client has the best experience when choosing an i3 solution. As a brand we never sell directly to an end customer, our structure in all countries always integrates distributors and resellers working with our local Project Managers,” said Schenone. “My responsibility in this role ranges from the selection and incorporation of new distributors in each territory, to ensure that there is a collaborative relationship between them and towards the resellers”, generating a successful sales process.

The interviewee also commented that, due to the characteristics of the market, its working methodology is to make sure that resellers are loyal to the distributor they consider most convenient. “Our solutions require a certain level of specialization and knowledge, so it is necessary to have a good relationship between the distributor and the reseller, to accompany the customer throughout the purchase process and implementation,” she added.

At the regional level, Área Exponencial seeks to work with distributors who specialize in video collaboration. Although it does not currently have interactive screens within its offer, it is intended that they are familiar with the segment and that they work or consider working with any of the brands that have alliances with i3, whether audio, video and others. In that sense, the company stressed that i3 screens integrate perfectly with any other solution.

“When a reseller chooses us as partners in addition to incorporating a strategic brand such as i3 Technologies, it joins a work team in which it receives all the knowledge and support necessary to offer its customers an added value proposition and the best experience user, increasing the profitability of the solutions it offers”.

“Something we also consider important is that distributors accompany the partner throughout the business cycle, and that they do not only make movement of boxes and delivery management,” said Schenone. “We try to approach distributors who prioritize an approach of accompaniment and teamwork. This allows the reseller to complete its learning curve much faster. We want distributors to encourage partners to take trainings and learn from the product, so they can grow and reach the highest level of specialization within our programs”.

“All resellers are welcome to work with i3, the important thing is that they show interest in training and are oriented to provide the best user experience.”

The executive highlighted the benefits partners get when starting to work with i3: “Our resellers have a structure behind them, both from the distributor and from the brand, so they receive everything they need to make the solution sales process simple. They have online training, standardized marketing materials, detailed product information, and access to portals with documents and technical information. We also have an innovative program, ‘i3 Champions’ that rewards the best reseller managers and sales executives in our distributors and resellers.

In the same sense, she assured that from Área Exponential provide business opportunities to all resellers equally. “Any reseller, however recent its work with the brand, if it has the right relationship with the customer, detects a business opportunity and registers it with its distributor and with the organization, will obtain important benefits and support to achieve a successful closure”, she said.

The rise of hybrid work

Due to the low percentage of penetration that video collaboration still has in Latin America, Área Exponencial maintains that its growth projection is exponential. This applies to both the corporate and education sectors, although the latter grew rapidly due to the pandemic.

The executive stressed that the ease of use of i3 products simplifies the process of adopting such technologies. “Every time a product is sold the reseller has the full support of the distributor and i3 to train all areas within the educational institution,” she said.

“Any institution that starts working with the brand receives training at all levels. We also have specialized staff and extensive experience in teaching”.

Regarding the corporate segment, the executive commented that in these environments the use that is given to the products of the brand is different from that of an educational environment. “Our technology allows to optimize spaces with an excellent cost-benefit ratio. It increases productivity by holding face-to-face meetings in which it integrates to other countries remotely, you can see the whole team while projecting any material from a PC or a cell phone in a simple and fast way,” she said.

More information

Those who wish to consult on partnership can do so by clicking on this link: https://www.i3-technologies.com/es/contact/