Kasten’s K10 data management platform, designed specifically for Kubernetes, provides business operations teams with an easy-to-use, Scalable and secure for Kubernetes backups and application mobility with unmatched operational simplicity.

The solution specifically targets the following:

  • Backup and recovery of data from container platforms
  • Migration of applications between different container solutions
  • Multi-cloud container data protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • Normative compliance
  • Automation and orchestration of data protection tasks

The above are some of the technical highlights of the solution, however, the partner or end customer can find value in any annexed situation and that Kasten can deliver at data protection level of kubernetes solutions, for example, corporate image faced with a situation of unavailability, or costs for compensation to affected customers, who are not technical, but can have visibility and affect the prestige of a company.

For businesses, it provides a secure and reliable solution for container environment data protection. And it helps ensure business continuity, operational efficiency, compliance with regulatory requirements, flexibility, portability and security in cloud data protection.

All these aspects, plus the appropriate accompaniment of a Partner, would benefit the end customer even more in their internal development and operations management, having guarantees and certainties that would allow you to focus your teams on what they really bring value to the organization.

“Experience has told us that every customer is unique, so it is extremely important to adapt the approach and recommendations to the specific needs and requirements of each one,” says Cristian Soto, Technical Sales of Veeam in Licencias OnLine. “In that respect, in order for a Partner to properly address an opportunity or conversation with an end customer, it is important that, first, become familiar with the basics of container solutions and with all the features that the Kasten product is able to deliver as part of the protection of such platforms”.

Therefore, the spokesman continues, “by taking a simple look at how this solution could move forward, a couple of key concepts would be: familiarisation with technology, clear use cases, compatibility of the solution, keeping up to date on the solution through documentation, webinars and events”.

For implementation, just as each client has its particularities, each implementation could have its specific requirements and considerations. In this respect, according to the spokesperson, the partner must have the ability to adapt its approach and processes to meet the unique needs of each end customer.

In this way, it becomes essential the technical knowledge, the team of professionals who are behind to carry out a consultancy that takes into account the evaluation of the infrastructure, the implementation planning, the deployment, the configuration, solution documentation and post-deployment support. Added to this, have access to your own test environments or, for example, through the Hands-on-Lab available on the Veeam Propartner portal.

The value of the wholesaler

“In Licencias OnLine we can provide valuable support to partners by offering support in the development as a reseller or service provider, through technical/commercial advice, training offer and product certification, marketing resources for dissemination and demand generation, management with the brand for incentive and reward programs, and, finally, logistical and administrative support for everything related to the licensing of the product,” says Soto.