Ricardo Edelsztein has a long track record in the technology market. He began his career at Tech Data, where he worked for 10 years. Then, he continued his path in companies such as Cisco, Panduit, NetApp and ended up working 4 years at Logitech.

Based on the experience he acquired in the tech market, Iseeus emerged. “After that career, I had the idea of ​​creating something of my own, since I had a bond with clients, channels and distributors. “Iseeus is a company that starts with video collaboration, and the idea is to provide complete solutions for video conferencing rooms,” said Edelsztein.

The Founder Director of Iseeus referred to video collaboration solution rooms as a need in this market.

Ricardo Edelsztein, Founder Director of Iseeus.

“in the future, all companies should have a video conference room. it is something we are going to use every day. not only a video call will be necessary, but a complete call with the entire work team”

Currently, Iseeus works in the Central American and Caribbean markets with products from Jabra, Logitech, and they are in dialogue with Lexmark to incorporate them into their sales.

Finally, the executive highlighted that they are a “family company”, which seeks to treat the client as a friend. “We prefer the sale to be small, but we help them cover their needs. If they ask us for a favor such as taking the merchandise to the carrier, or buying extra things, we will support them. Iseeus will take care of even the smallest detail to help the client complement their sale,” said Edelsztein.