Veeam’s 2024 predictions

By Danny Allan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Veeam.

Zero Trust policies will be critical for data backup repositories

Zero Trust’s policies have increasingly become the cornerstone of a modern and effective cybersecurity strategy. However, most Zero Trust policies do not include the security of data backup and recovery systems, although 93% of ransomware attacks target backup repositories and 75% of those attacks are successful. While many organizations are following Zero Trust schemes, they also need to apply these tools to data backup and recovery to reduce downtime and be more resilient against ransomware. That is why, in 2024, it is essential that organizations start following the Zero Trust Data Resilience (ZDTR) model, which applies practical tools of zero trust such as access with minimal privileges and immutability to backup and data recovery. These practices will make the difference between organizations that survive ransomware attacks and those that don’t.

By 2024, companies must be smarter in their defenses against ransomware

Looking ahead to 2024, we can expect to see more specialized ransomware attacks targeting specific sectors. Attacks will generally be more significant and cause more damage. Managers need to stay on top of threats and the market landscape and focus on the fundamentals-not the latest and best security solutions-such as training, preventive planning and stronger defenses. Partnering with experts will also provide better defensive measures. Companies that surround themselves with the right people with experience in ransomware prevention will get better results than those that take on this task alone.

2024 will not be the year when AI radically changes

We’ve already seen the buzz that has formed around blockchain and Web3 in recent years, and generative AI is no different. Although much of the “AI boom” occurred in 2023 and LLMs (Large Language Models) have been around for almost a decade, we cannot expect any case of innovative use or wider adoption for quite some time, in the next ten years or so. Instead, generative AI will have the greatest impact on individual productivity, such as marketing. Next year, use cases for internal versus external processes for the benefit of customers will be the main focus. We, of course, have to be aware of the distinction.

Will industrial cloud platforms revolutionize the company?

Not so fast.

Some experts estimate that Industrial Cloud Platforms (ICP) will be the next big thing to help companies streamline their business processes. However, Industry Cloud Platforms (ICP) are just verticalized clouds for a specific sector, not revolutionary new tools. What is actually happening is a shift from generalized global system integrators to more specialized partners with experience in a specific vertical. Instead of a specialization of the cloud in a sector, it is expected to see more specialization in services in 2024.

LATAM 2024 Predictions, by Mauricio González, Veeam Vice President of Latin America and the Caribbean Sales

Business Challenges: Budget and Security in the Ransomware Era

While ransomware attacks are increasingly aggressive and frequent, when it comes to investing in storage the budget is the main impediment, because many organizations are still unaware of the investment to make to have a strong cybersecurity strategy. Backup is not simply insurance, but is part of the business continuity plan along with the cybersecurity part.

Technology alliances for full integration with Kasten by Veeam

By 2024, it will be critical to continue working on strengthening partnerships between Veeam and its technology partners, creating a symbiosis to provide customers with the highest quality products and services for their data security strategy. Work will continue on further integration between Veeam and Kasten. Since its acquisition in 2020 it has functioned as a stand-alone unit and is now being fully integrated into Veeam’s portfolio.

Transformation with resellers

About partners, we can see a significant evolution and change. The reseller is no longer the same, it requires certain trainings and new skills to get involved in what Veeam is offering. Consumer behaviour is changing, partners have to adapt to new consultation habits. Times of change are shorter and everything is faster, so continuous training and incentive programs are a priority.