CommScope announces its strategic alliance with UnitedTec, a leading business development services company for the Information Technology (IT) sector. The alliance will highlight CommScope’s broad availability and market leadership in Central America and the Caribbean.

Under the direction of Managing Partner, Kaleb Ávila Garavito, UnitedTec, recognized for its excellence and leadership in the IT sector, will work to expand the representation of
CommScope in the region. “The dynamism of today’s market requires innovative and adaptive strategies, as well as the development of differentiated plans to meet the specific needs of each region. At CommScope, we have decided to break paradigms to offer an improved experience and move towards a different model in Central America and the Caribbean. The alliance with UnitedTec will allow us not only to expand our coverage in the region, but also to position our solutions and strengthen our channel network,” said Gustavo López, VP of Enterprise CALA Sales at CommScope.

This renewed approach is aligned with a business model based on five clear objectives:

1. Develop customized strategies: UnitedTec will work closely
with CommScope to design solutions that address the specific needs of
Central America and the Caribbean on their path towards digital transformation.

2. Expand coverage: The alliance will reach more clients and partners in the region,
strengthening the presence of CommScope.

3. Position solutions and business models: CommScope and UnitedTec
will focus on highlighting the competitive advantages of their solutions and services,
driving the adoption of advanced technologies.

4. Identify business opportunities: The UnitedTec team will be the eyes and arms
of the brand in the region, identifying opportunities for growth and expansion. They will identify the needs of the clients, as well as the profiles, they will identify the
technological challenges facing the region and propose solutions.

5. Strengthen the network of partners and distributors: Expand the channel ecosystem of the company in the region in accordance with the corporate strategy. CommScope’s expectation is to expand its market leadership by leveraging the experience and leadership of Kaleb Ávila’s team in the region, as well as the accelerated digital transformation in Central America and the Caribbean, which represents a significant opportunity for IT companies. “The UnitedTec team has a strong track record, experience and confidence in the market, which, together with the positioning and support of CommScope, will allow us to achieve our established growth objectives by 2024, as well as reaffirm our commitment to the digital transformation of the region,” says Gustavo López.

From February 2024, UnitedTec began operations in the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, including Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. In the near future, El Salvador will be added, which will perceived as an emerging market that is setting a trend in the IT sector.

“We are focused on regaining CommScope’s leadership in coverage and penetration
market in our area of ​​influence. In addition to developing the ecosystem of leading integration in the region, providing support for new technological trends in data centers and enterprise to end users, which will allow us to position the company as a world leader in the region,” says Kaleb Ávila, Managing Partner of UnitedTec. With this alliance, CommScope and UnitedTec are prepared to revitalize the Central American and Caribbean market, entering key vertical markets such as Data Centers, health, banking , education and hospitality, as an integral part of its strategy.