Data Storage and Digital Processing Will Be The Most Required Technologies In The New Reality

Telecommunications and Banking are among the sectors that will invest the most in digital data infrastructure.

The latest GSMA report, “The Mobile Economy in Latin America 2020,” projects 62 million 5G connections in the region by 2025, representing an adoption rate close to 10%. For that same year, 4G will represent 67% of the connections.

Business models are in the adaptation process to a new reality called “Digital Acceleration,” and in which the capture, storage, processing, analysis and use of data become the engine that is already moving economies.

New technologies like 5G, Cloud, BigData, IA, Storage, all these contributions will increase the positive impact that technologies and mobile services already have in the regional economy. In 2019, the mobile ecosystem generated 7% of Latin America’s GDP, a contribution of $421 billion of economic value and around 1.4 million jobs, according to GSMA.

Under these circumstances, of drastic changes in the productive and business models, the companies must rely on technology to be able to maintain the continuity of their operations. For this, there are numerous technological tools capable of facilitating evolutionary adaptation to these new scenarios.

Hitachi Vantara provides its VSP5000 and VSPE990 computing data storage and infrastructure solutions, designed to meet the needs of the new digital economy and business.

For its part, Virtual Storage Platform 5000 is oriented towards the market of large companies and corporations. It has read and write capacities of 21.7 million iOPS (Input / Output Operations per Second), with storage space of up to 69 Petabytes, and a latency of 70 microseconds, thus making it the most powerful and promising equipment in the industry for handling exponential volumes of data.

The VSP E990 is an all-NVMe system that is ready for Storage Class Memory (SCM) and NVMe-over-Fabric (NVMeoF). It can scale to nearly 6 million iOPS and over 16 petabytes of effective capacity, with a guaranteed 4:1 data reduction based on compression and deduplication, and it is backed by Hitachi’s 100% data availability guarantee.

Both solutions consolidate the presence and participation of the technology company in sectors such as financial, in all its broad spectrum, from investment banks, traditional banking, insurance and stock exchanges, as well as in the telecommunications sector, this worldwide and for the Latin American region.

The importance of telecommunications, positioning itself from now on, in a post-pandemic scenario, in the digital development and transformation will be a fundamental axis for companies in the future. Likewise, virtualization, cloud, automation, connectivity, Big Data, AI and cybersecurity solutions represent part of the keys to adapting to the “new normal”.

Organizations that enter this new scenario, which requires the intensive and adequate use of computer storage systems, processing and management of exponential volumes of data, will be able to overcome and overcome the difficulties inherent to cycles. It must be accepted that digital transformation is essential and key within the business strategy of a company.

From now on, when companies project their investments, they must consider that technology is a critical asset to sustain the business.