Hitachi Vantara Announces Partnership with NVIDIA to Create a New Portfolio of Industrial AI Solutions

The initiative includes the development of AI structures to accelerate the marketing process and reduce the complexity of creating and implementing an infrastructure for Generative AI.

Hitachi Vantara announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to create a new generation of transformative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. The company will develop a portfolio of solutions, Hitachi iQ, to drive AI results by stratifying industry-specific capabilities above its AI solutions portfolio, so the result can be more specific and relevant to an organization’s business.

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While new data-intensive technologies and applications such as Generative AI drive the gold rush toward business transformation, These technologies simultaneously drive the already tired infrastructure and Hybrid Cloud environments in which they run.

According to a recent S&P Global Market Information Report, “IT infrastructure is succumbing to the resource requirements of Artificial Intelligence workloads. Only a third (32%) of respondents indicate that their organizations are always able to support internal demand for AI workloads”. Through their collaboration, Hitachi Vantara can help address market needs by building Hybrid Cloud-based AI capabilities that deliver hands-on knowledge faster.

“As part of the Hitachi family, we have strong experience in multiple industrial market segments including energy, transportation and manufacturing, enabling us to accelerate AI-driven Digital Transformation,” explained Sheila Rohra, CEO of Hitachi Vantara. “Successful collaboration is built to meet current and future customer needs, and this collaboration enables us to integrate NVIDIA’s AI leadership with Hitachi Vantara’s knowledge into future-proof Hybrid Cloud infrastructure solutions and services, which will help our customers to establish an innovation-ready database”.

Built on NVIDIA’s latest AI technologies, and combined with Hitachi Vantara’s next-generation storage platforms, Hitachi iQ’s portfolio will feature solutions that address market needs through AI capacity building that accelerate Digital Transformation in industrial and corporate markets.

Through multiple consumption models, Hitachi Vantara will offer its customers mechanisms to consume the storage of data they need, while providing improved local performance and allowing a greater return on investment.

A New Architecture Powered by AI

Powered by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, the first offering under the Hitachi iQ portfolio will be launched during the first quarter of the Hitachi fiscal year. This offer will receive NVIDIA DGX BasePOD certification and plans to include NVIDIA DGX H100 systems and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. In addition, the Hitachi iQ portfolio will also feature:

  • A high-quality offering from NVIDIA HGX, powered by NVIDIA H100 GPUs, and a complement of mid-range PCI-E-based offerings including NVIDIA H100 and L40S GPUs.
  • Using Hitachi File Content Software (HCSF) storage technology, Hitachi Vantara will launch a new accelerated storage node based on Generation 5, delivering fast delivery solutions that drive complex AI workloads.

“Companies in various industries are building factories with AI to turn their data into intelligence,” said Charlie Boyle, vice president of DGX Platforms at NVIDIA. “With solutions built with NVIDIA DGX infrastructure and software, Hitachi Vantara customers will be able to create Centers of Excellence with AI to drive their Generative AI strategies.”

How to Leverage Hitachi’s Industrial and OT Expertise

Hitachi is transforming to meet the needs of the market. Last year, the Company announced the creation of Hitachi’s Generative AI Center of Excellence. As part of a broader relationship with NVIDIA, Hitachi will focus on creating models specifically based on OT, becoming one of the first to create industry-specific generative AI models, that help address the needs of Digital Transformation driven by market data.

In addition, through Hitachi iQ, Hitachi and its ecosystem of subsidiaries and partners will help customers discover the potential of what IT has to offer, improving the performance of organizations. For more information, please visit: