CommScope RUCKUS Strengthens Its Offering by Certifying Its Partners in IoT

IoT technology takes services in the education, healthcare, tourism and manufacturing industries, among others, to another level.

CommScope RUCKUS, through its global specialization program, certifies its partners in IoT technology. In this way, it prepares the market to face the challenges of the future. Such is the case of Anphora, a 100% Costa Rican company dedicated to IP communications, which was the first partner to achieve this prestigious certification.

To obtain this distinction, RUCKUS LAN/WLAN certified partners receive online specialization training, where they have the opportunity to acquire more focused knowledge and show their ability to integrate solutions in different IoT technologies. Once trained, Anphora decided to take this knowledge to the next level by building a lab within its facilities, where they now have all the IoT tools needed to serve new customers and scenarios.

System deployed by Anphora

“Being the first partner globally to obtain this certification from CommScope RUCKUS is a great honor,” said Jose Ignacio Jenkins, General Manager of Anphora. “We believe that continuous training and certification is a guarantee of quality for our customers, and with the support of RUCKUS we are able to offer complete and customized solutions for each of our customers.”

For Anphora, the certification was a turning point, as it gave them the necessary tools to carry out a flawless and innovative deployment for the education sector, where they used RUCKUS wireless and converged access points along with the IoT control platform, combined with cloud-based license plate capture software to ensure the safe delivery of students to their parents or guardians after a day of classes at a private school in San Jose, Costa Rica.

However, IoT technology not only impacts the education sector, but manages to bring to another level the services of the health, tourism and manufacturing industries, among others; giving all the benefits of intelligent buildings to any environment where connectivity between devices and real-time data is necessary, for the benefit of different sectors to stand out in the market.



“By becoming the first partner worldwide to obtain IoT certification with the CommScope RUCKUS specialization program, Anphora proves to be a cutting-edge company that cares about being one step ahead of the solutions that will allow it to evolve and distinguish itself in the market” mentioned Saul Beniquez, SE Director for CommScope RUCKUS. “At CALA we are extremely pleased to know that this has happened in our region and we are confident that IoT technology will continue to expand in the telecommunications industry.”

CommScope RUCKUS maintains a commitment to each of its partners around the world, developing innovative solutions and converging technologies such as Wi-Fi 6, the switch portfolio, and the best Internet of Things technology.