Schneider Electric Celebrates 45th Anniversary in Central America

Schneider Electric celebrates its 45th anniversary in Central America by strengthening its commitment to energy sustainability and continuity through constant growth in its operations in the region.

“As a representative of Schneider Electric Central America I am very proud of the achievements that this great company has reached throughout 45 years, we have employed many families, we help the communities where we operate and actively serve our customers with essential and efficient solutions for their operations, today we celebrate with great honor our growth and positioning in the region,” said Maria Jose Bazo, vice president of Schneider Electric Central America.

This past year the company has hired new employees in several positions that will contribute to the company’s growth in the next 4 years and as part of this, the company strengthens its vision and approach to an inclusive culture through greater female representation, which is why 38% of all new hires this year are women in engineering careers and STEAM fields.

Today, the company employs more than 140 people and has a robust network of more than 1,100 business partners to serve five markets in energy management and automation: residential, buildings, industrial, data centers, and energy and infrastructure.

“During these years, we have been able to influence different sectors through our technologies for energy efficiency and security, such as the medical sector in Nicaragua; airports in Honduras and Panama; hydroelectric plants and water systems in Guatemala; banks and universities in Honduras; the public sector, industry and schools in Costa Rica; and telecommunications in El Salvador.”

Schneider Electric’s footprint in the Central American region can be seen in the following achievements:

  • The company guarantees the energy supply for 1.5 million people in the most modern facility and the largest hospital city in Central America, located in Panama.
  • The Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS) headquarters underwent a complete renovation of the electrical system with the help of Schneider Electric during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • In Costa Rica, the substations of the country’s leading cooperative were remodeled, enabling them to remotely monitor their assets in real time.
  • It has led major energy management projects for aqueducts and sewage systems in Costa Rica.
  • In Guatemala, they have carried out automation projects for hydroelectric plants.
  • In Guatuso, Costa Rica, it led the installed base project for the largest data center, as well as in Honduras and Nicaragua.
  • In El Salvador, there is a significant presence in the retail sector involving a national chain of stores, designing and remodeling its main data center.
  • The company powers the infrastructure of some of Panama’s subway lines.
  • In the telecommunications sector, one of the leading companies providing communications services in Guatemala was the first to acquire Schneider Electric’s solutions for low-voltage energy management.
  • In Nicaragua, a large number of large-scale equipment projects have been developed for a worldwide Japanese company specialized in the automotive parts manufacturing.
  • In the mining, minerals and metals sector in Panama, one of the copper mines is supported by Schneider Electric’s field services.
  • In the financial sector, the company manages and guarantees energy continuity for the most important bank in Honduras through annual maintenance. In addition, Schneider Electric is also responsible for the remodeling of the most important bank in Costa Rica.

“We are grateful for our customers’ support, who, for 45 years, have relied on our products, solutions and services regardless of the sector or country. At Schneider Electric we continue working to be a strategic business ally to make our business partners’ operations more reliable, safe, profitable, productive and environmentally friendly,” added Bazo.

Schneider Electric solutions offer benefits in energy efficiency with savings in electricity consumption of up to 85 percent and in sustainability with up to a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition, in terms of sustainability, Schneider Electric has received multiple awards, including the “World’s Most Sustainable Company” distinction according to the Corporate Knights 2021 ranking.

Finally, as part of this celebration and promoting the commitment to the environment, the company will be developing a campaign where you can participate via Facebook: Schenider Electric Central America and the publication: to achieve the goal of planting 100 trees throughout Central America.