ROG reveals hints of what to expect at CES 2022

Through a series of posts on their networks, ROG has shared previews of what they will be showing at the international technology trade show to be held early next year.

In recent years it has become customary for the most prominent brands in the field of technology to use their space at major conventions and technology fairs to present their latest news and releases. The ASUS ROG Republic of Gamers launch event at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) will be held on January 4 at 16:00 Argentina time at this link.

CES has become one of the events that attracts the most attention around the world every year, allowing us to know the trends and innovations with which the different companies that manufacture technological devices will surprise us during the rest of the year. ROG has once again decided to be part of this great event and, through a series of posts on its various social networks, offers clues to get an idea of what they will reveal.

In one of these previews was published on Youtube: in the video ROG – Nothing Is Impossible the company of laptops, components and peripherals for gamers has offered us a small preview of what it will unveil in its presentation at the event, which would be related to one of the newest laptops that the company has launched in recent times: the ROG Mothership.

Users and fans of the brand can find the video at the following link and draw their own conclusions and theories about what the brand will present during CES: ROG has also posted via Twitter an invitation to the event in which, with a simple play on words, gives another clue about its upcoming presentation.