Trust announces new gaming products at CES 2022

CES 2022 is the world’s largest electronics trade show, and Trust is proud to present its new line of gaming products during the event. The Dutch company is showcasing its new products that will hit the market during 2022 and will give gamers new options to upgrade their peripherals and make the most of all the games that will arrive during the year, with products ranging from keyboards and mice to microphones, headsets, and soundbars.

“After a great 2021 for the brand, we are happy to start this new year by participating in CES 2022 with the announcement of our new products. We learned a lot about the needs and preferences of gamers during these past two years, and we are happy to finally be able to show them these new products that combine everything we have learned during this period with an accessible price point that aims to reach as many gamers as possible after the global economic impact that the pandemic sadly caused,” said Edwin Anthony aan de Wiel, Director of Trust Americas.

On the gaming keyboard side, Trust presented its new GXT 834 Callaz TKL keyboard, a compact mechanical keyboard with Outemu Red switches and Tenkeyless format that will allow you to have more free space on your desk and transport it wherever you want without worrying about possible damage thanks to its top metal plate that adds rigidity to the keyboard body. It also features RGB lighting with 6 fixed colors plus 20 lighting modes with adjustable brightness and speed to customize your lighting and keep in tune with the rest of your components and peripherals, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a compact and attractive mechanical keyboard.

The company will also showcase its recent GXT 863 Mazz, a full-size mechanical keyboard also based on Outemu Red switches, ideal for those who use their PC for both gaming and work thanks to its full size and fast key response speed.

Another essential product for maximum gaming performance, especially in FPS titles where the highest precision and the shortest possible response time are required, is the mouse. In this category, Trust introduced three new models: the GXT 980 REDEX with wireless connection, battery life of up to 50 hours, adjustable speed between 400 and 10. 000 DPIs, and Kailh mechanical switches for the best FPS gaming experience, the GXT 131 Ranoo with 9 customizable buttons that make it ideal for MMOs and wireless connection for those looking for a cable-free experience, and the GXT 922W YBAR with an elegant white design and an optical sensor adjustable between 200 and 7200DPI to adjust it to your preferences and needs.

On the sound side, Trust also has news. For those who prefer to use headphones, Trust presented its new GXT 391 Thian, which will allow you to enjoy wireless gaming on both your PC and your console thanks to its wireless connectivity with battery life of up to 13 hours, an ultra-light weight to avoid discomfort during long gaming sessions, built-in microphone and volume control, and 1.2mm cable for use with wired connection on devices without a compatible USB connection. At the same time, for those who prefer to use speakers, Trust is also exhibiting the new GXT 620 Axon sound bar, which will allow you to enjoy high quality audio on your PC and improve the aesthetics of your system thanks to its RGB lighting.

Finally, Trust presented its new GXT 255+ Onyx microphone, which not only offers high quality sound recording, but also includes an arm to mount it on your table or desk to bring it comfortably close to your mouth for better recording, and an anti-vibration mount that will prevent your viewers from hearing the bumps on the desk, significantly improving the sound quality of your streaming.