Intel Appoints Gregory ‘Greg’ Ernst as Americas Leader

Intel Corporation announces Greg Ernst as Corporate Vice President for the Sales, Marketing and Communications organization & General Manager for the Americas. These changes to the region’s leadership team strengthen the company’s purpose of creating technology that changes the world and enriches lives for everyone on Earth.

“Our technology has the power to enrich the lives of every human being on the planet. Intel put the silicon in Silicon Valley. Today we are using our reach, scale and resources to accomplish bold goals in the Americas. And we’re not doing it alone: we work with our customers in every country in the Americas, driving the industry to make a positive impact,” said Greg Ernst. “Hand to hand with our customers and business partners, we are evolving technology and creating innovative solutions in a variety of segments: from safe roads to autonomous driving, to medical advances driven by artificial intelligence, to technologies in education and machine learning,” the executive added.

Intel has made significant investments in the countries of the Americas, with which it seeks to rebalance semiconductor production, as well as the supply chain, expecting that by 2030 50% of production will be in the Americas and the European Union.

Ernst’s new role includes engaging with the regional ecosystem to create and cultivate new opportunities and strengthen the company’s relationships with customers and business partners by delivering innovative, high-value solutions focused on Intel’s 4 superpowers: ubiquitous computing, pervasive connectivity, cloud-to-edge infrastructure and artificial intelligence.

The organization led by Ernst in the Americas totals approximately 750 technology solutions specialists serving distributors, retailers, companies, government entities, OEMs, cloud service providers, systems integrators and software companies.

“Intel wakes up every day to apply the power of computing to help people; 121,000 Intel employees work on this mission. I am honored to lead an organization whose sole purpose is to put these superpowers in the hands of students, gamers, developers, engineers, governments and brilliant people around the world who build products and services that help enrich human life. I love the people in our organization, I’m inspired by our customers. The opportunity to do this every day is a real privilege and a responsibility. Our people are honored, proud and eager. We are hungry to solve the most unusual challenges, and we will not rest until we do,” Ernst said.

Gregory Ernst joined Intel in 1999, held various global leadership roles within the organization until January 2018 when he took on the role of Vice President in the Sales and Marketing Group & General Manager of the United States. Greg is an electrical engineer from the University of Austin in Texas, lives in San Francisco, California, with his wife Emily and their two dogs. He is also a winemaker, when not working in the vineyard he enjoys running and riding his bicycle through the streets of San Francisco.