Intel Appoints Director of Digital Sales for the Americas

As part of the new structure of the Intel Latin America team, Gisselle Ruiz Lanza has announced the new position of Adrián De Grazia, who, in addition to being the country lead for Argentina, will serve as Director of Digital Sales for the Americas. In this role, he will be responsible for providing excellent coverage for the main clients in both Latin America and North America, and will scale the relationship building using social and digital channels, which have become the main means of contact between companies.

“Today, both buyers and B2B customers access information primarily through social and digital channels when it comes to making decisions. That’s why we are providing coverage and support to help them adopt the best technologies, and we make use of business intelligence and customer relationship management tools to serve them better and be more engaged. We believe it is vital that our partners are able to scale their businesses across the continent,” he says.

Adrian has been with the company since 1998 and has held different management and executive positions in sales and channels for Brazil and emerging Latin American countries. At the moment, his main goal is to ensure that our global strategy is carried out in Argentina. While leading the Digital Sales team, Adrian extended his coverage to several emerging countries in the continent, building a multi-talented regional team. He studied electronics with a major in computer science.