Adistec Is Now Distributing Commvault’s Data Protection Solutions

Bruno Lobo, General Manager Latam at Commvault.

Adistec announces a strategic alliance with Commvault for the distribution of its Data Protection solutions throughout the region.

Commvault’s intelligent data services platform helps organizations close the business integrity gap, keeping their data available and ready for business growth. It delivers these services wherever the data resides: on-premises, hybrid or multi-cloud, delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS), integrated appliance or partner-managed.

“At Adistec we work with leading brands and Commvault is in the top ranking of Gartner leaders in Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions, so we believe that in the Latin American & Caribbean market there is an important opportunity to develop the brand and we are very pleased to partner with them in the recruitment of new channels in all markets where we have a presence (except Brazil),” said Fabian Sperman, President of Adistec.

Fabian Sperman, President of Adistec.

“Commvault has been present in Latin America for more than 15 years, with a 100 percent indirect operation. We have a very aggressive growth target of 30% in each of the next 3 years, and Adistec is a very important partner for this development”, added Bruno Lobo, General Manager Latam at Commvault. “Not only does Adistec have a great knowledge in Data Protection, but we will also rely on its strong local presence in 17 countries in the region”.

Strong commitment to training

Adistec will provide added value to Commvault solutions by investing in engineering resources and combining them with Cloud offerings, to which it will soon add professional services aimed at developing the brand, which certified channels will also be able to offer in the future. “We will work in the way we always operate, relying also on the brand’s own resources, which will also make a strong commitment to the growth of this business area with its robust Partner Advantage program,” said Fabian Sperman.

Upcoming releases

The first fruit of this synergy will be the launch of a fully integrated backup appliance, developed entirely by Adistec’s engineering area together with Commvault.
“Adistec Integrated Solutions is excited to announce the arrival of backup appliances together with Commvault, based on the new Intel platforms and its third generation processors. This turnkey solution will provide customers with powerful backup and recovery, as well as the robustness of an integrated platform that will help ensure data availability,” said Sperman.

“Based on the premise that Commvault’s market-proven technology helps organizations extract greater business value from data to facilitate business planning and improve business outcomes, we have jointly designed affordable, high-capacity solutions for the Latin American market.”

In addition, Commvault will soon announce the availability in Latin America & Caribbean of Metallic Cloud Storage Service, a new integrated cloud storage SaaS solution that facilitates IT organizations’ digital transformation, cost savings, risk reduction and allows them to scale without limits, which will be distributed through Adistec. “It is a very big opportunity to integrate with our traditional customers and with new customers, mainly SMEs that are looking for data protection at a competitive cost,” said Bruno Lobo.


Commvault has organized a series of on-site presentations with Adistec, inviting the main leaders of its partner ecosystem, which will begin in Mexico, and then move on to Colombia, Chile, Argentina and other countries in the region, to finish in Central America.

“Commvault is the only data protection company that has been growing steadily for more than 25 years. We are ready to help channels and customers with integrated support solutions for cybersecurity threats,” concluded Bruno Lobo.

“The partner profile that we will add to this development is the one that is already part of the ecosystem that we are already working with our Data Center, Infrastructure and Cybersecurity lines, and there is also an opportunity in the Service Providers area. We have great expectations and we are very confident that this will be a very successful business for all of us”, said Fabián Sperman.