Commvault: “All our efforts are aimed at making the channel shine”

Gabriela Fernández, Commvault Channel and Alliance Sales Manager for NOLA, talked about the company’s work to help the reseller grow in the cybersecurity market through a differentiated portfolio. She also highlighted the importance of training their partners so they can accompany the manufacturer’s technology with their services. "If the partner is trained, it detects more opportunities and can give the customer a turnkey solution," he said.

A few years ago, in Latin America there was a belief that cybersecurity was an area that only large organizations should be concerned about. Many small and medium-sized enterprises thought they were exempt from such risks. Over time, however, it was proven that any company, and even any user, is exposed to being the victim of a cyber attack.

The states are also not strangers to this problem. One example is the case of Costa Rica, whose country had several government institutions paralyzed for months in 2022 due to the ransomware attack, and so many other cases in the region.

“Post-pandemic digitization has helped raise awareness in the region, but we have still had to go through an attack to understand the context in which we find ourselves. It’s like when they sell you life insurance or health insurance, until you don’t get sick you don’t realize you need it,” said Gabriela Fernández, Commvault’s Channel and Alliance Sales Manager for NOLA.

According to the executive, the situation in Latin America is challenging, since there are many countries with different levels of maturity in terms of digitization and laws that regulate cybersecurity and digital operational resilience in organizations. In this context of uncertainty and a growing demand for security solutions, there is a great opportunity for resellers, which is to occupy the role of advisor and companion of customers.

“The partner must proactively approach the customer and provide them with cyber resilience, which is part of our message from Commvault, offering them confidence in adaptability and response to critical situations that ensure business continuity”

“Partners are that company that becomes a counselor and a friend of the client, which has a much broader vision, since the partner’s business is technology, so they will be very aware about what is happening in the market,” said Fernandez.

An offer to differentiate the partner

Partners are always looking for a differential that positions them in the market as the best option for their customers. According to Commvault’s Channel and Alliance Sales Manager for NOLA, when it comes to cybersecurity and business continuity solutions, it’s not just about selling a product, but offering a complete project. Commvault offers its resellers a differentiated portfolio in order to bring an outstanding offer to end consumers.

“We are starting our fiscal year and already receive refreshments from our partner program that encourage and give more privileges to partners of all levels that we have. This benefit is for both the reseller and the end customer”

“When you analyze a technology manufacturer, one of the things that the customer sees is the trajectory they have in the market, that gives an idea that they are a player who has a heritage of solutions and technology proven over time. We have more than 26 years in the market, we have been 12 times leaders in the Gartner quadrant, this demonstrates the consistency of Commvault, its projection and evolution,” said the interviewee.

The interviewee assured that this guarantees the confidence of the partner, who puts his name to represent the brand, and that of the client who acquires a technology with many years in the market and an important base installed in Latin America.

“We are the only manufacturer that at the backup and recovery level can give the client an early detection and warning of a ransomware attack. Before the customer has to use their backups, they may have a much more effective reaction margin”


Streamline the channel’s business

From Commvault they understand that each reseller represents different brands, so they want the business with them to be agile and simple. The company offers a portal where members can access different trainings. Those that are within your partner program, and that serve to raise the partner level, are totally free and unlimited.

In addition, the company has its Service Advantage program, which helps the partner to train with technical knowledge to better implement the manufacturer’s solutions. “We always recommend the reseller to be trained, because if it specializes it will not only detect better opportunities and have more agility, but it will also be able to accompany our technology with its services and give the customer a turnkey solution,” said Fernández.

“We work 100% through channel. Commvault does not sell anything directly to customers, this is something that gives the partner the confidence that the brand is not going to compete with them, but that all our efforts are going to be oriented to make the channel look”

Moreover, this year the company will focus on continuing its expansion in the region, through its local resources and visiting each country. In the north of Latin America there is a great challenge at a geographical level, since there are more than 25 countries to attend, that is why the work with the ecosystem of channels becomes fundamental, to achieve that regional coverage that the brand needs that we also accompany with our wholesalers and technology partners.

“We have some markets where we are best positioned and others that we are proactively approaching. We will always be on the side of our partners. We aim to make Commvault an attractive ally for the partner in terms of margin and service. Just as we offer a differentiated portfolio, we seek that the channel with its DNA can bring its intelligence in the business to bring an ideal solution to the end customer,” concluded Commvault’s Channel and Alliance Sales Manager for NOLA.