ViewSonic Unveils Smart Home Theater Projectors

The firm launched equipment with LED technology for high brightness, Harman Kardon speakers and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity

ViewSonic Corp., the global provider of visual solutions, announced the launch of new intelligent LED projectors for home consumption: these are the X1 and X2 models, lamp-free projection equipment equipped with the latest technology to guarantee high brightness levels. and a useful life of up to 30 thousand hours of use.

These models provide 1080p resolution, color reproduction technologies for high picture quality, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities for sharing entertainment from other devices. Both deliver true-to-life colors through the company’s proprietary Cinema SuperColor+ technology, while Dynamic Black technology provides greater picture depth by automatically adjusting brightness levels, allowing users to see more detail in dark scenes. With high color coverage they provide vivid images with high contrast performance; while the two Harman Kardon speakers guarantee an immersive sound experience.

On the other hand, the Bluetooth function included in these devices allows them to be used as a powerful wireless speaker with music from a smartphone or tablet and also with wireless headphones, while the built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity speed allows screen mirroring. from smart devices to the big screen, making streaming a breeze and can be controlled from a smartphone using the vCastSender app for easy navigation and touch control.

Mia Shen, Senior Projector Business Line Manager at ViewSonic details issues with both teams “We use the latest LED technology to ensure higher brightness levels so these projectors can be used in various ambient light settings. The LED light source also makes it very convenient to turn on and off; calibration and modifications can be done simply with the unique sliding door design at the top of the projectors. These kits also offer better colours, longer life and smart features, as well as a great price compared to laser projectors.”