Business Partners: a Key Element in Control Room Projects

Control rooms are highly stressful places due to the significance of the tasks performed in them and the accuracy that their processes require. For this reason, this environment is the place where visualization technology has become a fundamental element of decision-making. To achieve this goal, its implementation and design require the highest quality standards.

To ensure that a project is conducted under the proper adaptation, transition and correct implementation through videowall technologies, business partners are a key element in the development of control rooms, as they are the main information collectors to know in detail the characteristics of the areas to be developed with greater reliability.

The Role of a Business Partner

A business partner enables smoother communication between Barco and the company receiving services. In order to fulfill this role, Barco not only provides full training to its partners, but also keeps them up to date with the latest technological developments.

Through different levels, each partner can have access to major benefits that companies can take advantage of to maintain their infrastructures with the latest display technology. The business partner plays an important role by being the direct intermediary between your company and Barco, thus creating a commitment to growth for your organization.

Partnership consolidation

For proper operation, a control room requires interoperability between technologies, otherwise efficient and fast decision-making is threatened. Partners have prior knowledge when creating or adapting a quality product, and devote a great deal of effort and commitment, which is essential in business partnerships.

Manuel Navarrete, LVX Leader Latin America, says: “Prior knowledge is important when creating or adapting a videowall in the right way, which is fundamental in the strategic partnerships we carry out. Our business partners are a key pillar for the consolidation of a leading alliance in the control room sector.”

Business partners facilitate and identify customer needs, guiding them through equipment upgrades or areas of opportunity based on their experience and training.

“This direct relationship with our partners is the beginning of a work chain that results in timely suitability in control rooms, thanks to this work chain, companies can have better workflows, making more appropriate decisions thanks to Barco’s solutions,” says Manuel Navarrete.

Partners are a fundamental part of the work process. They represent the necessary bridge to bring state-of-the-art technology into a control room. By successfully carrying out this development, companies can be sure that their work centers will be able to meet the desired expectations, providing fast action and successful surveillance.