Gold Partners: Barco’s Strategic Business Partnership

General Manager Mexico and Director of Channels for Latin America at Barco.

This year Barco has modified its partner program at a structural level. After an evaluation and re-evaluation of its business partners, the Gold level, which is the largest category, has been turned into a select group of eleven Mexican partners, twelve belonging to the Latin and South America region and twelve located in Brazil.

Gold partners, who have been carefully selected, enjoy significant benefits. For example; preferential pricing, project registration discounts, access to the demo product program, an assigned sales executive and the opportunity to be featured on the brand’s website.

In this sense, the Belgian brand’s goal is to offer exclusivity and prestige to its most committed partners, those who participate in the certifications and training offered for the expert handling of its products and solutions. In addition, these are members who are interested in increasing their relationship with the company.

In this regard, Rodrigo Cornejo, General Manager Mexico and Director of Channels for Latin America at Barco, mentioned that “the selection of the number of business partners for the Gold level was a work of deep analysis, precisely because we seek to strengthen a committed group of integrators to work side by side, in a mutual commitment that generates synergy and a win-win relationship”.

Barco offers products that are distinguished by premium quality and a high level of return on investment that is justified by their high degree of corporate performance. When Gold partners add Barco solutions to their portfolio, they are, in turn, increasing their own relevance in the technology market.

Having a high-end product, such as the ClickShare Conference family, allows for greater innovation and a fair return on investment. With this product, the only one of its kind, people can enable instant videoconferences that, when related and interacting with devices from one of the 45 technological alliances that Barco has globally, offer even greater value.

In addition, the benefit of exploiting its functionalities to the fullest entails another gain for partners; to become certified and trained to understand the product and achieve their internal goals, as well as to strengthen their own portfolio.

Barco University is another of the benefits that Barco provides to its best partners. It is a training portal on the website with online trainings such as seminars, tutorials and more, to dig deeper into each of the products, allowing them to understand their basics and main functions. The technical certification works as a competitive advantage that is available 24/7 on the web platform in an on-demand learning format, at no cost to partners.

Barco’s trainings, in addition, function as a technical sales training for these select partners, showing them how to sell the product. Furthermore, there is a quarterly exclusive space for them, through which they can learn about the latest solutions first hand to generate demand in a timely manner and gain space in the customer’s mind before anyone else.

“The goal is for the number of partners at the Gold level to expand, as well as their business perspective with us through committed and responsible working relationships. Therefore, we invite partners who are currently at the authorized select level to venture into commercial engagement with Barco and become Gold members, which will make a difference in our business relationships, with more bi-directional benefits,” Cornejo concluded.

In short, Barco’s Gold group will stand out for the attention and support they will receive, with regular meetings to consolidate and strengthen the bond that will provide benefits on both sides. Being a Gold partner with Barco will be quite a feat that involves a commitment to the brand and high levels of preparation that make it possible to offer end users the best results.