HP Amplify Executive Forum: HP Unveils New Partner Benefits

At the event held in Palo Alto, California, with special coverage by ITseller, HP unveiled a series of new benefits aimed at driving greater partner collaboration, training opportunities and community engagement. In addition to enhancements to its Amplify Data Insights program, the company announced the global expansion of its Amplify Impact partner sustainability program and introduced a new engagement and training platform, HP Curiocity.

ITseller was invited to exclusively cover a new edition of the HP Amplify Executive Forum, held on August 25th and 26th in Palo Alto, with the presence of Enrique Lores, President and CEO of HP Inc., and other global executives of the company.

The announcements made by HP are related to its HP Amplify Partner, a global channel partner program optimized to drive dynamic partner growth and deliver consistent end-customer experiences. Based on a single, integrated structure, HP Amplify “provides the knowledge, capabilities and collaboration tools needed to drive growth as digital transformation and customer buying behaviors continue to evolve,” the company said.

“HP’s success relies heavily on the strength of our channel partners. Over the past year alone, our partners helped drive more than $6 billion dollars in revenue growth,” said Kobi Elbaz, General Manager of HP’s Global Channel Organization in the event. “Today’s news reflects our continued commitment to the channel and ongoing investment in ensuring we deliver the insights, training, connection and engagement our partners need to better serve customers and drive growth.”

The Power of Data

Launched nearly one year ago, HP Amplify Data Insights gives partners immediate access to a rich set of data analytics each aimed at influencing the customer buying journey. HP continues to collaborate closely with partners to sharpen their digital skills by equipping them with valuable research throughout the purchasing experience.

Studies show that companies that leverage actionable intelligence experience faster growth versus companies not using this type of intelligence. With 98 percent of HP’s channel partners sharing data, more than 14 billion data points are updated in the platform weekly, ensuring real-time access to insights catered to each partner’s business.

Acting on partner feedback, HP has expanded its customer-level insights available through the use of advanced analytics – resulting in customer-ready, targeted opportunities for partners to immediately act upon. New automated tools are designed to integrate directly with partner sales systems, thus simplifying the way data is collected and delivered to participating partners to convert insights more easily into sales-drive actions. Each of these enhancements is designed to create a partner sales force that can be more targeted and effective in winning business.

Expanding Amplify Impact on a Global Scale

Having a clear Sustainable Impact (or Environmental, Social and Governance) agenda clearly offers a competitive advantage – as evidenced by the more than $3.5B in new sales at HP in fiscal year 2021, where sustainability was a deciding factor. Amplify Impact offers partners the opportunity to realize this same competitive advantage.

Launched in early 2021, HP Amplify Impact represents a first of its kind partner assessment, resource, and training program, leveraging HP’s own extensive investments and initiatives. Today, the program provides more than 10,000 partners across 43 countries with the opportunity to join HP in its efforts to generate meaningful impact across Climate Action, Human Rights and Digital Equity. Thus far the program has been enthusiastically embraced by partners with more than 80 percent of enrolled partners having completed the self-assessment.

HP announced the global expansion of this award-winning program – across all markets – via a phased approach over the next two years. Ultimately, partners of all types (resellers, retail, and distribution partners), regardless of location, will have the opportunity to participate in this award-winning program.

HP also invited partners to enter its new annual HP Amplify Impact Awards, celebrating partners across 5 categories, including the Amplify Impact Global Leader Award, Sustainability Business Award, Climate Action Award, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Award and HP LIFE Award.

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in December 2022 and will have the opportunity to promote their award externally with badges and promotional material. Partners can learn more on the HP Partner Portal and track their performance via the Awards Leaderboard.

Introducing HP Curiocity

Recent studies emphasize the benefits of training and collaborative selling to the bottom line. Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have a 24 percent higher profit margin on average while 60 percent of sales professionals say that collaborative selling has increased productivity by more than 25 percent.

In response to these trends and based on partner feedback, HP developed a new platform offering enhanced training, community engagement and rewards – all in a single program. Inspired by the open world concept and rewards system of renowned games, HP Curiocity will roll out via a phased approach starting later this year, providing partner sales representatives with access to this unique, collaborative community.

Platform highlights include:

  • HP University Virtual Campus – a one-stop shop for soft skills, product, and solutions training
  • HP Community – centralized platform to connect 1:1 or participate in community discussions
  • Rewards and recognition opportunities including promotions and contests

Partners can learn more about HP Curiocity on the HP Partner Portal.