IG Technologies Strengthens its Presence in Latin America

This is a cybersecurity solutions provider with more than ten years of experience. Headquartered in Miami, the company has presence in the US, the Caribbean and other Latin American countries. We interviewed Iris García, the company's CEO, who detailed the technological offerings they provide to the channels throughout the region.

IG Technologies’ proposal encompasses consulting and managed services that cover the entire security cycle using customer-focused practices; the integration of innovative technology solutions for the healthcare, financial, retail and education industries, in partnership with the most recognized brands in the market; and the installation and implementation of products and solutions, based on its vast experience, knowledge and required certifications.

“We offer consulting services in Information Security and provide solutions to meet the challenges involving technology and data security in the best possible way,” said Iris Garcia, CEO IG Technologies. “As a distributor, we can provide the latest technology that brings profitability to our customers’ business, relying on the best partners in the market,” she emphasized.

Solutions Offering

IG Technologies’ cybersecurity solutions portfolio consists of four key solutions: Cequence Security, inWebo, Trustifi and PhishingBox.

Cequence Security is a unified API Protection solution that removes risk at every phase of its lifecycle by improving discovery, detection and defense while reducing costs, minimizing non-compliance, fraud, business abuse and data loss. Cequence Application Security Platform (ASP) consolidates multiple application security functions within an integrated, container-based platform.

inWebo, on the other hand, is a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution that provides secure access to B2B and B2C applications, combining two key elements: very high security, thanks to the unique combination of dynamic random keys and HSM (Hardware Security Module) technology, and an enhanced connection experience for the user with its unique device-less and password-less tokens.

With Trustifi, IG Technologies provides a complete email security and compliance solution that is easy to deploy, manage and use, and helps increase productivity in organizations.

Finally, considering that in today’s environment it is necessary to establish a robust security awareness training program, with PhishingBox software tools, IG Technologies’ approach makes it possible for organizations to establish a robust security awareness program for their employees.

“Thanks to our technical expertise, at IG Technologies we are able to tackle complex and large-scale projects. To do so, we have partnered with the most recognized brands in the market that allow us to offer the best services and products, ensuring that customers will always be satisfied with our work, no matter the budget. “We are focused on presenting them with a series of technological solutions that help maximize their systems and productivity,” concluded Iris García.

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