Vertiv Launches Remotely-Managed, Prefabricated Edge Data Center Infrastructure Solution in Latin America

Vertiv launched in Latin America the Vertiv SmartRow 2, an upgrade to its portfolio of prefabricated modular data center solutions for edge computing applications. This micro data center provides complete infrastructure for rack-based IT equipment, including servers and routers. SmartRow 2 is available now through Vertiv representatives and channel partners throughout Latin America.

The SmartRow 2 consists of a row of IT racks pre-configured and tested at Vertiv’s factory, and includes solutions for power distribution, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), batteries, cooling and mechanical support. With a plug-and-play physical infrastructure and logic, it accelerates the solution deployment process, and is ideal for installation in businesses of all sizes and all market verticals.

Alexandre Magno Alves, IMS offering manager at Vertiv LATAM explains that the Vertiv SmartRow 2 is an evolution of the previous modular data center solution, Vertiv SmartRow BR. SmartRow 2 offers additional intelligent resources, which allow more efficient management of edge IT applications by delivering precision controls for the complete environment.

In addition, Magno Alves emphasizes that being a standardized solution, a trend in the data center industry, the SmartRow 2 enables faster deployment, efficient operation, and a shorter learning curve compared to traditional data center builds. “This is not just a simple upgrade to the previous generation of products, the SmartRow 2 actually offers users a more compact, reliable, secure and convenient technology room experience,” said the executive.

According to Magno Alves, 5G rollouts and the exponential increase in data traffic will result in edge computing supporting users and emerging technologies through distributed IT infrastructure. “In such a model, storage and computing are brought closer to the users and devices. This requires the edge of the network to be smarter, simpler, and self-sufficient. This is exactly what the Vertiv SmartRow 2 delivers to the Latin American market.”

In addition to an embedded IT management solution, the Vertiv SmartRow 2 offers a smart lighting system that alerts on-site IT managers to problems such as out-of-range humidity, high temperature, and other conditions that may compromise the network.

Thanks to the Vertiv SmartRow 2 IT management system, it is possible to:

  • Remotely monitor and manage infrastructure devices (UPS, HVAC, sensors, etc.) and IT devices (server, router, etc.) through a single platform.
  • Enable access to the servers’ service processors (IPMI 2.0 protocol) for consulting relevant information, as well as accessto the execution commands.
  • Enable management of IT assets through serial connection.
  • Local view through an embedded HMI display and verification of remote system integrity via IP-based webpage.
  • Receive alarm notifications by e-mail or SMS, and download the activity log and alarm history for further reporting.