Together Towards an Innovative and Sustainable Future

By Juan Andrés Martín, General Manager Argentina and Central America.

2022 was definitely a pivotal year for our company. This year has already marked 30 years since the creation of our flagship Think line. A family that from the beginning contributed to accelerating global modernization with more efficient and secure performance, which allowed us to position ourselves as leaders in the technology industry and continue to be so today, with our ThinkPad notebook lines and our ThinkSystem servers. Innovation is part of our DNA, allowing us to take a holistic view of users and their needs, while at the same time enabling us to bridge the gap.

We know that users pay more and more attention to environmental issues, both in their daily habits and in the companies they consume. Today, our society seeks to consume products and services from companies that are innovative but also socially and environmentally responsible.

At Lenovo, we know that innovation must be closely linked to inclusion and sustainability, so we constantly strive to provide technology that has the ultimate purpose of bridging the gap in a society that is constantly changing, so that everyone can be part of a world that offers endless possibilities and transformations.

We are committed to the country and the market, offering products, services and solutions that adapt to the needs of each user, at every step and in every field, with the broadest portfolio in the industry, making us an end-to-end organization.

However, innovation is not only part of the products and solutions offered by the company, our vision goes beyond that, we want to transform the future and turn it into a sustainable and inclusive one, to achieve a world in which digital inclusion is a reality.

One of the great challenges this year was definitely to bridge the digital gap in order to achieve a more inclusive and responsible future. To do this, the collaboration between different actors in society is essential, where the technology industry has a very important task and must pursue this goal. Through our philanthropic arm, Lenovo Foundation, we work towards that future that we wish to become a reality, bringing possibilities through technology.

Our commitment is with the society and the country, commitment to bringing them innovative, effective, and sustainable technology that can meet the needs of each type of user at every step of your life, that’s what it’s about being Lenovo, providing smarter technology available to everyone.