This is a new position created as a result of the restructuring that the company has carried out given the importance that the Americas has assumed in the technology sector. In this role, Ruiz Lanza will report directly to Greg Ernst, corporate vice president of sales, marketing & communications and general manager for the Americas.

Gisselle Ruiz Lanza has been General Manager for Brazil since 2019, and was previously responsible for the retail and consumer businesses. With more than 25 years of experience, her career includes roles in Argentina and Mexico, where she worked in various areas such as consumer sales, marketing and channel development. More than 15 years ago she moved to Brazil where she lives with her two children and husband. Gisselle is passionate about sports. She is also co-chair of the Intel Latin America Executive Women’s Council (iNEW), an Intel program that encourages diversity and inclusion, promoting the topic inside and outside the company.

His leadership at the helm of Intel Brazil was marked by the acceleration of digital transformation and the growth of the company’s operation in the country, which doubled in size in the last two years, positioning Brazil among Intel’s top three markets in the region.

“I am very happy to take on this new challenge at Intel. Our focus is to listen to our customers and respond positively to collaborate with them in solving our societies’ biggest challenges, thus enriching the lives of everyone on the planet. Latin America is a diversified region and presents unique opportunities for our growth. We are leveraging our core strengths to expand traditional markets and revolutionize new ones, an example of which is that 2021 was the best year we have seen in the last decade for the PC sector, with a 25% growth rate in the region. Semiconductors are the backbone of the global economy and are driving the transformation of almost every industry. We continue to see robust demand across all our businesses due to the digitization of everything,” said Gisselle.