AvePoint emerged in 2001 as a sharepoint solutions company. The American company is based in New Jersey, and has a presence in Europe, Asia and Australia. They are currently an ISV of Microsoft, and have been present in Latin America for 6 years, where they operate through the distribution channel.

“We are well known for our migration solution called Fly, but we actually offer collaborative solutions with confidence, oriented to data handling, cloud migration, classifying, organizing and managing data,” said Tarsila Rico, Distribution Business Manager at AvePoint for Latin America and the Caribbean.

AvePoint has its own Confidence platform, which is divided into three suites. The first is the resilience suite, which ensures business continuity. Then there’s the control suite, which optimizes the operational capability of the digital workplace; and finally, the modernization suite, which transforms legacy data into modern SaaS platforms, making it secure, accessible and well classified.

The company offers backup for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Azure, and this year they plan to expand to Amazon Web Services. Although the suite is multi-cloud, it is strongly focused on 365, due to the partnership with Microsoft.

“We are a Microsoft ISV that complements it very well, and we are first choice when it comes to adding solutions to what you already have from Microsoft”

In Latin America, AvePoint reaches the market through channels, and all its solutions are available in the marketplaces of distributors with whom they work in the area. “We’re very focused on getting the channel to take advantage, creating your managed service practice with AvePoint, and increasing your recurring revenue, because our licensing is perfectly complemented by 365,” Rico said.

AvePoint fits all types of companies

The company says that they offer a solution with a “robust and functional” structure, which although it may seem aimed at large companies, also adapts to small organizations.

“We have adapted very well to small business, so you have a quality product without having to worry about the price. They have the solution they require, tailored to their budget and needs. There are two worlds, the enterprise, where we are with giant projects, solutions that require more users, but also the world of SMEs,” explained the executive.

Among the main business verticals working with AvePoint, government, financial services, retail and consumption, pharmacy and health and communications stand out.

“The partner who sees the solution, offers it to eyes closed. In the United States we have success stories in the tax office, for example, and in several banks. Our solution adapts to different industries”

Those partners who are interested in working with AvePoint, can access the company’s website, go to the partners section, create an account for free and access all its benefits. “We are in constant contact with our channels. This partner portal also advertises events, our calendar is our communication channel with our business partners,” concluded the Distribution Business Manager at AvePoint for Latin America and the Caribbean.