The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is coming with a new edition, which will take place from 9 to 12 January in Las Vegas, United States. This event is considered worldwide as the most important in the region, which will bring together the most outstanding brands, partners, customers, investment media and industry experts to expose the latest trends and market developments, as well as generating new business opportunities.

Since early 2023, FOXBOX GROUP has participated in international fairs. The first was in Hong Kong, where they found sales opportunities in Europe, Asia and North America. Now, the company will be presented at CES 2024, looking for new partners to expand its reach in the Latin American market.

“Historically we participate from all global international fairs, but going as customers. This is the moment when the brand is consolidated to look for partners. We have expectations of meeting potential customers in Latin America. We believe that people travel to look for businesses and trends, and in that we will present ourselves as a brand that really has a very broad product portfolio,” said Damián Rocca, FoxBox Managing Partner.

The company will travel to Las Vegas with its entire portfolio of products, including its flagship brand, FoxBox, which features a wide range of smartwatches, speakers, headphones, chargers, cables, accessories and more.

The brand reported that, as a novelty, it will present its new line of small appliances, such as air fryers, vacuum cleaners and ice factories. Through this new vertical, FoxBox plans to incorporate new products throughout the year.

Damián Rocca, FoxBox Managing Partner.

“The brand seeks innovation. In our beginnings we had a niche market oriented to mobile, but today we are already a technology and trends company, where this year we have 55 scheduled launches”

“Who travels to CES seeks innovation, seeks brands and business representation from China. From our side, once we explain to the customer what we are, we can defend their choice from quality, products and global service,” said Rocca.

In addition to its presentation at CES 2024, FOXBOX GROUP is preparing to participate in the IFA event, which will take place in September 2024, in Berlin, Germany, and then travel back to China to Global Sources. In turn, the company will participate in different regional fairs in Latin America, mainly targeting the Mexican and Colombian markets as short-term objectives.