The worldwide PC market ended its streak of annual shipment declines in the last quarter of 2023, posting a modest year-on-year growth of 3%. Total shipments of desktops and notebooks rose to 65.3 million units. Shipments of notebooks hit 51.6 million units, up 4% from 2022, while desktop shipments landed at 13.7 million units, declining 1%. For the full year 2023, PC shipments totaled 247 million units, marking a 13% drop compared to 2022. The market is now poised for growth, with AI-capable PCs set to provide an additional boost during the ongoing refresh cycle and beyond.

“To capitalize on the demand uptick, the PC industry will now deliver meaningful innovation through on-device AI capabilities in PCs, with 2024 set to be a bumper year for such devices,” said Ishan Dutt, Principal Analyst at Canalys. “A slew of announcements from both OEMs and chipset vendors at CES will set the stage for more products to be brought to market later in the year. We expect one in five PCs shipped this year to be AI-capable, incorporating a dedicated chipset or block, such as an NPU, to run on-device AI workloads. Adoption will ramp up quickly thereafter, especially in the commercial sector, where the benefits of on-device AI related to productivity, security and cost management will become a key consideration for businesses.”

By 2027, Canalys forecasts that over 170 million AI-capable PCs will be shipped, with nearly 60% being deployed in commercial settings.

With AI PCs poised to take center stage in 2024, Canalys has released a complimentary special report to help understand the impact they will have. “Now and Next for AI-capable PCs” provides a comprehensive look into the dawn of AI in personal computing, including definitions and market projections alongside a deep dive into current trends, future opportunities and potential challenges in the AI PC market.

Lenovo sealed the top spot in the PC market rankings for Q4 2023, shipping 16.1 million units and posting 3% annual growth. It was also the largest shipping vendor for the full year 2023, posting 59.1 million units. HP, securing the second position, recorded a 6% year-on-year growth in shipments in Q4. Its overall annual shipments for 2023 amounted to 52.9 million units, a marginal 4% decrease from 2022. Dell retained its third position in both the Q4 2023 and full-year 2023 rankings, shipping 9.9 million units and 40 million units, respectively. Apple secured the fourth position in Q4 2023 by shipping 6.6 million units globally, achieving 9% growth. The vendor maintained fourth spot in the full-year standings as well, experiencing a 14% decline from 2022 with total units reaching 23 million units. Acer secured the fifth position with a 12% year-over-year growth, shipping 4 million units in Q4 2023, but Asus occupied the fifth spot in the full-year rankings for 2023, totaling 16 million units and experiencing a 21% annual decline compared to 2022.