CES 2024: FOXBOX attended the Las Vegas fair with its «One Stop Solution» proposal

The company participated for the first time in the Consumer Electronics Show, with the aim of finding new strategic partners that allow them to continue to land in new markets with a successful business model. "We offer a comprehensive proposal, where we accompany the customer in everything he needs to sell our products," said Nabila Huespe, CEO of FOXBOX GROUP.

FOXBOX GROUP participated in its first edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, United States, looking for strategic partners to expand in Latin America, showing their latest releases and exposing the successful business model they intend to replicate in each country.

“We are very happy to participate in CES 2024 and we have high expectations about the path we have been traveling in these days. What we are looking for with this participation is to be able to show what FOXBOX does, which is much more than a factory in China. It is a comprehensive proposal of One Stop Solution, where we accompany the customer in everything he needs to sell our products,” said Nabila Huespe, CEO of FOXBOX GROUP.

The company works with an importing business model, which enters each country through wholesalers, or directly with resellers and retailers. They offer the customer to disembark with FOXBOX, or manufacture their own brand, providing them with the accompaniment they need in development, marketing and design.

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“We came to look for strategic partners who want to lower the brand, or with whom we can develop their brand in Mexico, Colombia and the United States, and we have had great success. We were also surprised by the presence of many potential customers from Canada. In addition to this, we seek to enhance our presence in South America, where we already have a presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia,” said Huespe.

FOXBOX looks for specific strategic partners depending on the market they target in each country, in order to develop their business in the best possible way. They do not aim to get “one shot” sales, but long-term relationships with the right partner.

“We look for the area specialist, even for the B2B channel, which can be Amazon or Free Market, we look for the specialist and then we give the best of our team, which is very large. We not only sell products, we also give many services. We closely accompany partners to land in new markets as quickly as possible,” said Damián Rocca, Managing Partner of FOXBOX GROUP.

“We are very professional, we have a great marketing team, design and years of experience in the market. We also have several success stories in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay”

-Damián Rocca

For his part, Rodrigo Laucirica, Commercial Manager of FoxBox Group, said that, thanks to the more than 10 years of experience that the brand has in China, provide a comprehensive solution so that the customer does not have to travel to China to look for suppliers to develop their own brand. “We are all in one, you can capitalize, consolidate loads, suppliers and have the confidence of the 10 years of experience of the company. The whole learning curve of going to China to test brands, we already did, and we got the best suppliers. That’s what really occupies FOXBOX, which is quality and service,” the executive said.

“Our great differential is that we are more than 10 years ago in China, with offices and employees, so we can solve anything in the country”

-Rodrigo Laucirica

From FOXBOX they focus on innovation, always offering cutting-edge technology. For this edition of CES 2024, the company offered its mobile product line, ranging from cables and chargers for cell phones, to smartwatches, headphones and other accessories. As a novelty, they presented their new line of small appliances, which includes a robot vacuum cleaner with integrated mop, airfryer, robot cleaner and ice maker.

“We offer appliances that provide easy, dynamic solutions and optimize time. Our motto is ‘We make things happen’, so we apply technology that simplifies people’s lifestyles”

-Nabila Huespe

FOXBOX executives expressed their satisfaction with this first experience at the CES, where they could approach new customers from different markets in Latin America. “In addition to doing business, we have learned to relate to other cultures and met other markets, which will help our team to continue developing innovations. That’s what we offer the customer, to keep it always at the forefront of technology, without him having to travel the world, we bring innovation to your point of sale, which solves a lot of time and money,” concluded Rodrigo Laucirica.

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